Monday, May 11, 2009

Busy, busy and Swimming :)

Not sure why but lately has just been SUPER busy. I guess summer time is always busy but geez! Anyways! We have been swimming almost everyday so far since it has been warm. The girls are doing great this year. They cant wait for their daddy to come home so they can really learn to swim. Madison has it down pretty well and Rylee too but she of course will take a little longer because she just gets so excited. Its precious. Madison is swimming under the water for longer distances these days which is awesome. And she is super proud of herself for doing it too. Rylee is swimming super fast. Its so funny watching her get from one point to another. I have learned that they love to race each other. They both are pretty fast but I think Rylee might be a tad bit faster. Oh well its cute to watch!
I guess being pregnant really takes a toll on swimming. I never realized it would be so hard to swim laps with a baby in my belly. WOW! Its a challenge. I guess that is why they tell you its great excercise during pregnancy. It sure is! We have lots of fun and the girls love watching Abby swim! HA! And I do think Abby likes it too since she is always kicking up a storm when I stop! So sweet. I guess we will have another fish added to our family. They all take after their daddy so well. I will have to take some pictures of the girls swimming since I have YET to take any. OOPS!
Daddy is coming home!! YAY! The girls are super excited. They talk about it everyday. They go look at my calendar and count how many days it is each day. Its so sweet. They love knowing exactly when he will be home. They are such daddy's little girls. I am sure Abby will be too! Daddy will have a lot to look forward to when these girls get to high school. I bet he will scare all the boys away :)
Well, I havent been taking many pictures lately but will have to start. We have a lot coming up so pictures will be needed.

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

She has a name :)

After a lot of researching and everything we finally came up with a name for Baby Girl number 3! Her name will be Abigail (Abby) Dawn Barleycorn :) I cant wait until she gets here! We are just super excited that she now has a name! YAY for Abby!