Friday, July 31, 2009

Happy Birthday Miss Abby :)

Abigail Dawn Barleycorn was born on Friday, July 24, 2009 weighing in at 6lbs 13.2oz and was 19inches long! She was a hefty one being that she was born at 36 weeks :) She is doing well and we are all adjusting well to her being here earlier than planned but I can already tell she will definately be the princess of the bunch HA! Even in the NICU they were calling her Princess! It was pretty funny! She just wanted a grand entrance and to take everyone by surprise! She fits in our family well!!!!

Here is her birth story and the dramatic day before LOL :)

Thurs morning I had a doctors appt and everything checked out GREAT! Dr. did still think she would be here earlier than the 15th of August and he even mentioned he was on call that weekend in case something happened! He probably shouldnt have told me that :) Well, since we were in Baton Rouge already me, Colin, Madison and Rylee decided that we could go to Blue Bayou since it was probably one of the last times we would be able to that summer with all four of us! We had lots of fun there! I didnt do too much since the girls like going on the slides and I couldnt do that of course. So I would wait at the bottom for them to get down! They had sooo much fun! And I have to admit I had a blast too! It was super nice to get out and do something just us. Well that afternoon I wanted to go to dinner with 2 of my good friends for a last minute MNO since I wouldnt be getting one of those for a while. Colin took the girls over to his parents house to spend some time with them so I could go out and have a good time. I met Amanda and Christy over at BJs (by the way it was super good). I just wanted a simple dinner with close friends before my chaotic life began and they were the perfect two to help me to relax and take my mind off everything. But I am guessing I was having too much fun since I started feeling some pain about 30 minutes into the meal! I havent gone into labor on my own before so I of course had no clue what to expect. With Madison and Rylee I was induced! But I kept quiet at first since I figured it was that I did too much that day and Abby was just trying to get settled :) I ended up feeling more pains and by the time dessert got here it HURT! I finally said something and of course the ladies were worried. they didnt want me to drive all the way to Denham by myself but of course my stubborn self didnt listen and told them I could do it. I think I was in denail still that nothing major was going on. So I drove all the way to Denham. It was about a 20 min drive. And yep I definately had to pull over on the side of the interstate! NOT COOL!!! I finally got to Colins parents house and actually felt a little better. I was in denail :) I layed down for a little while and then around mdnight called my doctor to see if I should come in. He told me to go ahead and come in since I do live over an hour away from the hospital. Once we got to the hospital they hooked me up to all the stuff and determined that I was in fact in labor but it was very early labor. Around 2 am they finally talked to the doctor and he said to keep me overnight (it was already 2!!!) for observation. They rolled me upstairs and got me comfy! Once I got settled Colin went ahead and drove home (to lafayette) to let our doggie out and feed her. She has been alone since 8 am! Poor thing has never been alone that long! HA! He got back to the hospital around 6 or 7 am just as my doctor was coming in to check me out. By this time I was having regular contractions about 8-10 minutes apart (still very early into labor). I was dialating more though which is good!
At the dr that morning I was 1 1/2 cm and not effaced yet when I arrived at the hospital I was 50% effaced and 2 cm. When dr checked me I was a little over 3 cm and almost all the way effaced! At this point they were trying to determine if they were going to send me home to wait it out or if I was progressing fast enough for them to keep me there. So dr told me he would come back in one hour (dr time it was more like an hour and a half almost 2 hours!) to check me again to see if more was happening. When he came back in around 9-930 I was in a lot of pain and contractions were stronger. And I was pretty sure my water broke :) He determined my water did indeed break so that was a good sign but he had bad news! I of course knew exactly what he was going to say but Colin thought he was sending us home! Well he told us that Abby was face up and feet first. He will have to do a c-section. I of course got very scared and nervous but mainly because no one was there...just me and colin. I had just sent my sister home and told my mom to go to bed since she worked all night. Well I called everyone and let them know that my dr was prepping me now and I would be going back in an hour! My sister got there before we went back so that was nice to be able to see someone before I went back!! She was taking pictures of Colin putting on his "scrubs" and we determined that they do not make them big enough! It was HILARIOUS! It definately made me feel lots better and calmer before I went back! So finally I got wheeled to the Operating Room and they did the Epidural and set me all up. My Blood pressure dropped a lot and that was pretty scary but they got it under control. I dont really remember too much after that but I do remember some! I actually enjoyed the C-section better than the vaginal births because it was a lot calmer and relaxed. but once my meds wore off it was BRUTAL! It didnt take long for them to get Abby out!! At 10:57 am miss Abby was born! It was so sweet! She looked just like Madison only a lot smaller! She went straight over to the nurses and Colin followed and never took his eyes off of her. So sweet :) They did determine that she was breathing fast so she needed to be monitored. Which is not a super bad thing. Granted its not great but it could have been a lot worse being that she was born 3 1/2 weeks early. She did great though! She only spent one night in the NICU and then got to come up to the room with us.
She has been a great baby so far! She sleeps a lot and eats a lot :) Fits right in with her older sisters. They are loving her so much! Madison has been all about Abby since she met her! Its so sweet! Rylee took some getting used to it though! Which I knew would happen because she is very attached to me! But she is getting a lot better and is loving on her just as much as Madison now! They love to feed her and change her. I think their favorite though is to burp her. Its so sweet! Abby even recognizes both of their voices and will look around when she hears them. So cute!!!! Well that is all for now! I will get a slide show together of her and post them tomorrow!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Some people have a lot of nerve!

So this post really isn't about the kiddos or me or Colin at all! But I wanted to vent! Sorry in advance!!!!
I have had 2 kiddos already as you all know but I swear I must have a huge target on me this pregnancy because everywhere I go someone has something to say or Fuss about to me. I am not a mean person but some times people just push the limits.
So today I could tell both my girls were getting cabin fever since we have been trying to stay inside with the raining the last couple days (OK only yesterday) and Madison's ears (yep double ear infections in BOTH ears and her tubes fell out like 4 days before this happened but that is a whole different story). Well Maddie had gymnastics this morning which is right by the mall so after gym we decide to go head to the mall. The girls have been wanting to get a new bear from Build a Bear (CUTE CUTE STORE). They have been great so I decide this is the perfect time. I pull in the parking lot and park almost all the way in the back since there is lots of people there due to lunch. Get the girls out, get the stroller out, load up and head inside. All was fine. Got the bears, had fun, you know the usual!!!
As we were leaving I was already a little annoyed because I cant walk very long with being a million months preggo :) So by the time I got to my car I was HOT and tired of walking. Need not mention the girls were cranky because it was a long walk. As I walk up to my car and stop I see this car behind me stop waiting for my spot. No big deal. I have 2 kids and a huge bag and a stroller to put up so I am sure she realizes it will be a second. First off I hate when people wait especially when just 2 spots down from me there was a lot of open spaces. But I tried to hurry my crying kids and buckle them in and get everything ready to go. Well, the lady not 2 seconds after I get to my car rolls her window down and tells me to "hurry your fat (butt) up, you know you see me waiting here" (I edited it since this is a blog for my kids and family!!) I was in SHOCK people to say the least. I laughed and turned around and said "Excuse me? Please tell me you are not talking to me like that, there is no need for any of that" so what does this crazy lady do?? SHE GETS OUT HER CAR! And tells me "what you think you are all high and mighty and people SHOULD be waiting on you" I was still in shock. WHAT?!?! I closed the girls door at this point even though neither was buckled up but I had no clue what she would do or say to me. So as she is walking up to me I tell her as nicely as I could although my blood was boiling at this point that she needed to turn around and leave or I was calling the cops. (Not sure why I didn't say something to her but I guess its because my mom always taught me to kill people with kindness but man at this point I REALLY wanted to punch her) I also informed her that there was a spot only 3 down from me and one on the other side. She starts saying F* u and calling me all these names and I am pretty sure she started speaking french because I didn't understand half of what she was calling me although I could tell it was not good :) And I also let her know that no I will not be rushing to give her this spot and put my kids in danger because of her being impatient. (I have yet to put the stroller up OR buckle them in by the way because of her) So she gets in her car and tells me to go ahead and call the cops and is still swearing at me but she does PEEL off and park her car. I do have to say I was a little nervous when she was walking up the lane since I was still at my car and I didn't want her to do anything to me or my kids or my car :) I finish putting everything in and buckling the girls up and sit in the drivers seat and I just started balling crying. I just did not understand why I am the one that ALWAYS has to deal with all these rude people. I mean seriously. It was like 30 feet away. And did I mention she had a little boy with her that was maybe 5 and he spit on the ground by my car?!?! I mean seriously what nerve. So I actually as I drove off from the mall today felt bad for her. Obviously something bad had happened to her but seriously there was no excuse as to why she needed to attack me like that. ARG! I am SO over all this :)
So I just wanted to share my adventure for the day! Sorry for the rant!!!