Saturday, May 1, 2010

Madison Update

Oh my big girl!!! She is doing great! She will be turning five soon and WHOA I can already feel the teenager in her coming out! AHHH! LOL!!! She finished up Soccer and loved it! She is also doing Swim lessons right now and we hope she can start the Swim team also!! She is just like her daddy when it comes to swimming! She loves it! She is busy learning new things and enjoying school. She is going to graduate preschool in two weeks. :( We registered her for the Elementary school here! I know she is going to LOVE it but it makes me so sad to know that she is going to KINDERGARTEN :( But I guess she has to grow up sometime! I will be sure to update about her swim and graduation!!

Rylee Update :)

I felt bad because I dont ever update on the big girls enough!
Well, Rylee is doing GREAT! Still just as fearless as before. She loves to sing and dance and be the center of everyones attention! She is also PRISSY! Which is great I guess but WOW she is something. She has to have a purse, high heels and rings or bracelets EVERYWHERE we go! She has started Swim lessons and is doing great! Next Thursday is their last class so I will be sure to add some pictures! She is writing her name and practicing with both her sisters names and Mom and Dad! Madison had an advantage because "M" and "O" are both already in her name so she got that right away. And "d" and "a" too! LUCKY GIRL! But Rylee has proved to be super smart already! Her school year is coming to a close soon and we will have ALL summer to play and learn!

Abigail 9months!

DRUMROLL PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! Abby can now have MILK :) Yep thats right! No more soy and making special food for her! Her little body just needed some extra time to get used to it! thank GOODNESS! I am so very excited about this! The doctor told us to slow her into it and we started about a month ago giving her some things that had milk cooked into it and then gradually went to more and more. and started more diary and then PLAIN WHOLE MILK! By the way! SHE LOVES IT! Amazing how just 2 1/2 years ago when Rylee was a baby you werent supposed to give kids Cow milk until their first birthday! Now its 9months! WAHOO! Anyways I had to add that first off because I am just BEYOND excited about it! :)
Now her stats!
Height--27 3/4" this puts her about in the 30-40th percentile
Weight-17lbs 14oz. this is about the 10-20th percentile
She is all over the place! Crawling, cruising, scooting. You name it! EXCEPT walking! LOL! Soon enough though!! She is getting soooo big!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Happy Easter 2010

A little late but I guess its better late then never :) We started the day by getting up an hour earlier than we would normally because my clock Sprang forward again :( But it was ok! Worked out to where we had PLENTY of time to enjoy what the Bunny brought the girls! And he even hid a MILLION eggs outside the front of our house! The girls were beyond excited!
After that we went to church at 9 am and boy was it PACKED! We got there about 830 and we still had to sit outside. The girls were VERY well behaved and enjoyed sitting outside in their pretty dresses. I was very proud that they sat there and read along with the readers the whole time! And of course everyone said how gorgeous they were and how well-behaved! Made me feel so wonderful! I love hearing how well-behaved my kiddos are! And I do have to say that they really are very well-behaved! Only with occasional flareups! Anyways! We then headed over to my parents where the girls had yet another egg hunt! And of course got lots of candy! Girls had LOTS of fun!!! For dinner we headed over to Colins parents house. And yet again another egg hunt! Girls were pretty good at it now! LOL They had soo much fun and were in such great moods the whole day! I am so very blessed to have such great kiddos :) LOVE THEM!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Snow Birthday Party :)

This was at a friends little boys birthday party :) Everyone had a lot of fun! Especially Madison and Colin! HA! Madison got to get in a snow ball fight with a older boy LOL!

See told u that Colin had fun too :)

yea this was seriously the cutest thing. He is the older brother to the boys that had the birthday party! As most know my girls are pretty rough. So David was in heaven when he threw a snowball at Madison and she threw one right back. SOO they chased each other pretty much the entire time throwing snowballs at each other! SO DARN CUTE! Not sure if Daddy thought her playing with an older boy was as entertaining as I did :)

And even RYLEE touched the snow :) WHOOP WHOOP!

She had just slammed one at him and took off running the other way before he could get her! Notice his intense face :) :)

At the park with daddy!

On the top of the rock climbing wall with Daddy!

They are soo stinking CUTE!

My baby in the swing! She LOVED it!

Big Girls playing in the sand!

Friday, March 26, 2010

Abigail 8 months :)

We went to the doctor because of her allergies and her very odd behavior the other night. Come to find out it was an allergic reaction and she has SUPER bad allergies. OH MAN! BUT the good thing is she is growing great. 17lbs 9oz which puts her between the 10th and 25th percentile. BIG difference from her 6 month appt. She was over 75 :) Her length is 28 3/4" that puts her in the 75-80th she is one tall skinny girl!!

I wanted to add that until this last dr appt we had always measured her as her DUE DATE not her actual Birthday since she was premature. SOO that is why there is a huge jump from last time being in the 75th percentile to now in the 10th! but hey at least she is on the chart now :) :)