Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day back in Baton Rouge!

We decided to go back down to our Hometown for another Halloween party!!

We headed out that morning to meet a friend at the park since we have not seen them in about FOREVER! HA! It was soo good to see friends! Annika even gave us a big Hello when we first got there! I was impressed that at 2 she remembers us!! Shes so sweet! Then fnally I went over and saw some of the ladies from our group! It was great! Especially since we only planned on meeting one! We had a lot of fun! The kids played soo well! We just love that park because it is in the shade and has a great playset!

After that we decided to go to the movies. They have been OBSESSED with High School Musical so I figured that would have been perfect. And plus I have been dying to see it :) So we went in and of course had to get a Coke, a HUGE Popcorn (that we finished in the first 30 min of the movie), and some Sno Caps. Bcause you cant see a movie without SnoCaps! It was the cutest movie! The girls LOVED it and so did I! They were singing and dancing the whole time. I am so glad there was only one other family there!! It was precious!

Then we headed over to GiGi's house to get changed and ready for the party! Yep another Halloween Party. This was with the BIG Mom's Like Us group! We had a lot of fun! The girls got to jump, paint their pumpkin, make spider hats, and decorate their treat bags. It was so cute! And it was great seeing all the moms that I dont see as much anymore. After that both girls were just plain exhausted! Which was good because we had a long drive ahead of us :) All in all it was one CRAZY FUN day!! I will post some more pictures later!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Party!

On Friday night we went back to our hometown for a Halloween Party! All of our friends were there! The girls had soo much fun! Usually both girls are very shy when we walk into a big crowd but not this time. They were both super exited to see everyone. They had a big jumper that Madison got straight in and jumped. It was precious. We all had a blast. And I even got to catch up with some friends! It felt so great to talk to a grown-up!! Here are a few pictures that some of the ladies took. I didn't have my camera so I had to use everyone eleses pictures :)

Me and the girls!!

Madison getting ready to hit the Pumpkin!

Parker and Madison in the Jump House

All the kiddos!

Some of the kiddos!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Alexa's Weekend With The Barleycorns!!!

We finally got to snatch Alexa away to come spend time with us! Madison and Rylee love when she comes over. They all have a blast together! They are super close. We picked up Alexa on Friday morning and headed to a pumpkin patch with our friends in Denham Springs. The weather wasnt so great but we still had fun. We also got some great pictures. Each of the girls got to pick a big pumpkin and a smaller one. They all enjoyed picking out the pumpkins! After the pumpkin patch we went eat with our friends at Mr. Gatti's pizza! It was a lot of fun. The girls ate soo much. And all the moms got to catch up! Once the kids were done eating they all got to run around in the room that they let us sit in since there was a lot of us! HA! I think it was more to do with soo many kids. 7 in all!! After that our little family went to the Mall to let the kids blow off some more steam. They had a blast running around! Then we headed to book Rylees Birthday at Bouncing Tigers. After that we headed to Colins parents house for dinner. The girls were pooped by the time we headed home. They all fell asleep by the time we were out of Denham!
On Saturday we went went to the doggie park, and to the girls park. We also went to the Doggie store to get JoJo a new collar. Its one that goes over her mouth to teach her to walk right when we take her out. IT WORKS WONDERS! Its like walking a new dog I love it! Then we got her a bed and bunches of treats. Needless to say we spoiled JoJo on Saturday!
Sunday Colin and I had signed up to give blood at our church so we got up early and headed over to the Church. While Colin and I were giving blood the girls went and played with these High School girls. They had fun coloring and watching movies! After that we headed to lunch since we ended up taking longer then expected and missed the mass. After lunch we all headed home for my two to take naps and I wentmeet my sister to bring Alexa back. All in all we had a great busy weekend! And we were all totally exhausted from it! HA!
Here is some pictures of us at the Pupkin Patch!!


Me and Colin took the girls to Hobby Lobby to find something to put on our door for Halloween/Thanksgiving. I just wanted a cute wreath for the door. We ended up finding these cute wooden things that hang on the door. All you have to do is paint them. Fun idea right!! So we got all th paint we needed and headed home. I put the girls and me in some worn out clothes since I knew we would get really messy!! HA! That was an understatement! Colin got to paint the Halloween one that was a Frankenstein that had a sign that said boo and I painted a big Turkey that said Thanksgiving. I got some paper out for the girls so they could paint on it! They had a great time. Rylee lost interest in it after a little while but Madison painted like 5 pictures! They both did an awesome job! Rylee ended up painting more of herself then the paper though. And painted her sistr too! HA! It was so precious! sorry Rylee is sideways!! Couldnt change it!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pumpkin Patch!

Today we went to a church pumpkin patch around here with a small playgroup. It was so cute. The girls loved it! We watched a cute movie about Pumpkins and how they were made. After that we went on the hay ride and sang halloween songs. They were confusing though! HA! After that we went to listen to some stories and get snacks and juice. We all enjoyed that! Then off to the pumpkins! They had a baby pig that they brought out and Madison just ate that up. It was precious. They also had goats that the girls enjoyed feeding! I didn't realize I was raising little farm girls though. I was so proud of them for not getting scared. They also had ducks, chickens, rabbits, and some other animals. The girls ran around looking at all the pumpkins. They even got to do a maze! It was precious. And all for $3.50! And it also included a small *munckin* pumpkin and some coloring sheets with 3 pumpkin seeds and directions on how to plant them. Now I am going to have a pumpkin patch in my backyard when we get in our big house as Madison calls it! We had lots of fun today! We are going to another pumpkin patch with all our friends on Friday so we will post more pictures from that one! But here is some from todays!

Our JoJo

Story behind our puppy!!
I was looking on Craig's list one day just being bored. And I saw this add about an 8 month old German Shepard named Jojo. It caught my attention right away because first I love love love German Shepard's and second was her name. Colin had a German Shepard when he was little named Joey. Joey saved his life when he was only 2. Colin fell into a well in New Jersey and Joey got his parents to come save him. He was down there for a few min. But if it wasn't for Joey, Colin wouldn't be here. He loved his dog!! And Joey was a GORGEOUS German Shepard. Anyways, I ended up showing it to Colin and he said we can go look at the dog. Yea he should have known then!! I just thought it was fate for us to have. Colin with his male German Shepard growing up named Joey and now with our girl the same age with a female German Shepard named Jojo! So we went meet the family trying to get rid of her. She was VERY hyper active and skinny. But I fell in love with her. And so did the girls. And of course since ALL dogs love Colin she loved Colin right away! So we got her. I at first felt bad because we do live in a small apartment and she is a pretty big dog. But since I am home a lot I figured it wouldn't be so bad. I would be able to bring her to parks and walk her as much as she needed. Plus I really wanted something to protect me and the girls while Colin was gone. I think it made him feel better knowing we had a big dog that wouldn't let anything happen to us.
Well since we got her she has gained over 20 lbs. and is sooo spoiled! She just seems sooo happy now! Its soo cute watching her sleep with the girls. I love it! She does bark a lot but that is because she is still a puppy. She is getting soo much better about it. So anyways I just wanted to post some pictures of her on here!!


I think I have the biggest LSU fans! HA! They love watching the LSU football games. Its soo cute! Ganted LSU didnt win this past weekend against the Florida Gators but you would have never known at our house! They were soo cute cheering the Tigers on and yelling at them when they didn't do what the girls wanted them too! HA! Here is some pictures of the girls in their LSU Cheerleading Uniforms!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hanging with GiGi

Yesterday was loads of fun! I had an appointment in Denham Springs for 9 am so we had to leave SUPER early to get there on time. 6:30-6:45 AM to be exact. But getting out the door was smooth since I just left the girls in their PJs. The girls stayed with Colin's dad while I took care of my stuff!! They had so much fun. They love spending time with their Paw Paw! He is their best friend! I ended up getting done around 11:45! After I picked the girls up we headed over to GiGi's house (my mommy)! GiGi picked Alexa up early from school so she could spend time with us while we were in town! They get along soo well. GiGi ended up treating us all to Chuck E Cheese! We had so much fun! There was hardly anyone there!! All 3 girls were so good the whole time. We were there for 3hours!!! That is by far the longest we have EVER stayed there. Needless to say they were tired. But GiGi wanted to go get the girls some clothes at Old Navy so we went straight there from Chuck E. Cheese! That was an adventure. 3 small kids exhausted in a clothing store! WOW! But we survived and got some really cute clothes for the girls and ME!! We had loads of fun. Finally around 6 pm we were heading home. WELL!! As soon as we got on the interstate we were at a stand still. Not slow moving traffic we were not moving at all! It was nutts. People were putting it in reverse trying to get off the interstate. Come to find out they had about 3-5 stalled veicles (probably because they ran out of gas since they couldnt go anywhere) and 3 wrecks on the bridge. One was one the other side than what we were on. But 2 were on the side we were! It was nutts. The wreck on the other side was horrible. It had 3 18-wheelers and at least 2 cars I could see. It was most likely the worst wreck I have EVER seen. So finally after sitting in traffic for 3 1/2 hours we were finally on our way home. It took us over 4 hours just to get home. ARG! I was soo tired. But all in all it was a great day! Madison even told me on the way home that she had a really good time with GiGi today! It was super sweet!

Friday, October 3, 2008


Tonight we went over to a friends house to hang out and eat crabs!!! The girls had a blast playing with their little boy Peyton! And he was soo great with them! Madison didnt even want to come home! HA! We had a great time!! And the crabs were ohhh so good!! We really enjoyed the time out of the house for once!! I am sa though because we didnt take any pictures. Except Jerry took some of Rylee eating her M&M cookie!! It was a mess! Of course everything those girls do is messy!!! HA!
I have been really busy lately trying to get rid of all the junk in our house. I have finally gotten rid of a lot of stuff that we really didnt need and now we have a lot more space. I am just soo ready for a house with a yard! Poor JoJo just wants to run!!
Me and Madison are finally over being sick. The stupid stomach virus going around sucks!!!!!!! Trust me if you know anyone that has it stay far away!!! I am just lucky Rylee didnt get it as bad as we did. It was really rough trying to deal with one sick kid and one well whe you are sick yourself. It was a really long couple of days. But hopefully all is well now.
Colin is still working right now! Hopefully he get to come home soon. Its hard with him gone for so long. But we are doing great still! Trying to stay busy busy! We have lots coming up so say tuned!!!