Saturday, March 14, 2009


I have been feeling the baby move for a couple weeks but it was not enough as to where anyone else could feel it. Until last night. Madison and I were watching a movie and I felt the baby move. Madison said she wanted to feel so even though I honestly didnt think she would be able to feel it I put her hand on my belly. And behold the baby went nutts when Madisons hand was on it :) Madison got sooo excited. She kept saying "Mommy mommy that is MY baby" It was precious. She held her hand on my belly for an hour and a half waiting for the baby to kick her. She said that he must like soccer like her :) (she is OBBSESSED with soccer)! So its officially, Madison is hooked. She loves the belly! She sings songs, and talks to him, and reads her books, and tells him how much she loves him! Its soo sweet. Maybe Rylee will be up tonight for her to feel the baby too! I will post as soon as she does :)

Friday, March 13, 2009

Rylees new Haircut :(

Madison is a sneaky little kid. Right under my nose she got on top of the microwave and got scissors, cut her sisters hair and then RAN. HA! I was soo upset at first and so mad but then after I took a step back I thought it was actually pretty funny. Granted I am still sad that her hair is gone now but it could of been a lot worse! Good thing is that the guy that cut her hair said that now that we cut it short that it will grow thicker :) I was pretty happy about that since she has some THIN hair...well here is some pictures of the incident :( At least she has a cute haircut to match her spunky attitude!


Thursday, March 12, 2009

Look at the past :)

I was just thinking and going through some old stuff from when the girls were babies. And wow they were sooo small. Its amazing to me how little they really were. Now they are so big and have opinions and cut each others hair (yea I will post that next :)) So I wanted to share some pictures of my girls from when they were babies!

Me in the hospital about to have Madison!!

Madison on her first night home :)

Me and Rylee in the hospital right after she was born

Rylee a couple weeks old :)

I also wanted to share some other pictures I saw that I thought was just too cute :)

Both girls on their First Birthdays