Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Here is a picture of our dinning room table I promised :)

Thursday, December 3, 2009

Thanksgiving :)

This year was the first year we (as in Colin, Me and the girls) got to have our very own Thanksgiving Dinner. I was actually kind of nervous. We ended up inviting my sister and her family over because we werent going to see them at all on Thanksgiving Day. We had it on the night before Thanksgiving. It was a lot of fun. The kids had a BLAST in the playroom and it got totally destroyed which I have come to expect now. And we had good company! I cooked it all by myself except the turkey which Colin fried :) It was AWESOME by the way! My man is such a good cook. I made some sweet potato casserole, rice dressing, Paula Deans Cornbread dressing, gravy, green bean casserole, and a cheesecake. All from scratch :) I was super proud! And I honestly loved every minute of it. Being in the kitchen all day then family over at night. Maybe my sister and I will make this a regular tradition. I am definitely looking forward to next year!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New House :)

Yep thats right! We are in our new "Monster" house!! As the girls call it. We ended up painting the Master bedroom, the big girls room, Abbys room, and the girls Bathroom. I left the living, dining and Kitchen alone because that was a LOT to paint! LOL! Although we do have the paint already! HA! But all is great here! The girls LOVE the house! And so do my doggies! They love to be outside! And they espeically love the big hill! My camera is dead right now so I will have to post some updated pictures later :) We got an awesome table for the breakfast area! I LOVE IT! It fits WONDERFULLY in the area and the color is great! We ended up getting it from World Market! (My new favorite store LOL) I dont have a picture of it yet but here is the link to it! that is the link just to the table but it has a picture of it all. We have the 4 chairs and large bench! Fits our family Perfect!!! We have my sister and her family (boyfriend plus 3 kiddos!) And we all fit wonderfully at it! I am sooo excited! It was the first piece we bought for the house! I am going to get some kind of green cushions for the seats.
We do not have a bed for us or the big girls yet. Big girls will get theirs when Colin comes back in January so he can put it together. I dont want nothing to do with that! HA! Our bedrooms set will wait a little while because we want a super nice one that will last us a lifetime! LOL! Hopefully! And our Formal Dining room set will be even longer! LOL! But I dont mind at all because the I know I will get the one I REALLY want and not just have to settle for something because I think I have to have it!!
This year will be our first Christmas in a HOUSE! We got to decorate outside and its so cute! Of course we didnt get everything we wanted this year but I can get all that together after Christmas and next year we will be decked out :) We have the lights around the trim of the house and it looks great! The girls love it! We also got a BIG blow up Santa the girls are obsessed with! It looks so cute! We also put up a HUGE tree! Its 9ft and awesome! I love it! Of course our ornaments do not cover even half the tree since I had ornaments for a 6ft tree :) But the girls love it and are excited and that is all that matters right!
Well I will hopefully post pictures of the house and all soon!! Cant wait :)

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Abigail 4 months :)

Baby girls is FOUR months old now...Time has flown by! Her stats at the doctor were as follows: 25 3/4" tall and 12lbs 9oz. So that puts her in the 80th percentile for height and 25th for weight :) What am I going to do with all these tall skinny girls! Daddy is going to have a hard time with these three :)
She has started LOTS of new stuff! She is starting to sit up more on her own and loves to stand! (While you are holding her of course) She coos and talks and giggles all the time. She is SUCH a happy baby! So glad she is over her reflux/throwing up/lactose intolerant phase. I call it all three because we wont know exactly if it was lactose intolerant until 9 months I think :)
Abigail has started her veggies! AND loves them! She loves to eat with a spoon and is VERY good at it! VERY different then the other two that we had to teach them how to eat with a spoon.

We stay Busy :)

We are all still here. We have just had a SUPER busy month! We got a house, new Table, girls started a new school, Rylees THIRD birthday, lots of friends birthday parties, Rylees Birthday Party, Thanksgiving Feast at school, Christmas lights, Christmas Tree and of course Thanksgiving. I will post later tonight on all our new adventures....stay tuned :)

Friday, October 30, 2009

What do you think?!?!

Here are pictures of ALL three around 3 or so months! I honestly do have to say before I looked at these pictures I honestly thought it was the other way around BUT now wow! Its very obvious who Abigail looks like as of now :)




So I always said Abby had Madisons hair (for obvious reason LOL!) And looked like Rylee in the face! WELL Now not so much. Rylee had a much much rounder face and the biggest eyes EVER :) Wow! Amazes me now looking at all the pictures of Abby and Madison how much they look alike. Its crazy! YAY for me though! I get TWO that will look like me :) Colin has one! LOL!

Monday, October 26, 2009

Finally Pig Free or are we?!?! lol

It has been a week. I do have to say yes this flu could have been a lot worse but man I am glad that its over now. It amazes me the different ways it affects each person. There were 2 other confirmed cases from our playgroup. All ranging from a slight cold to brutal hell :) Excuse the language. Yes I know it could have been MUCH worse but it was still pretty rough. Even in our family we had different varieties of it. Madison had fevers, chills, hot sweats, sore all over, and very little coughing. Rylee had a slightly lower fever but not by much, chills, soreness, achiness, coughing like CRAZY and wouldnt move. Abby had a max of 101 fever twice :) I had a super high fever, chills, soreness, cold then hot spells, sweating bad, and no coughing until AFTER the fever was gone. So although I am truly grateful we had it how we did and it wasnt worse, it was horrible while it lasted :) But now we are good to go I hope! We have been fever free and everyone has rid their cough BUT me. Mine only comes out during night or if I am running a lot. So it isnt too bad. I am just so happy its over. That was not fun.
Thanks to everyone that was sending well wishes, and praying we got over it quickly. It was not a fun 7 days!! But we all appreciate you caring :) Thanks!!!

Friday, October 23, 2009

We are gonna kick this Piggies Butt!!

We are going in on our 4th day and whoa its been a roller coaster :) to say the least. Madison is getting better slowly. I thought this morning she had totally fought it off but she spiked another fever around 2 so we will see how she is doing tomorrow. She is starting to get her strength back up slowly but its getting there. Rylee was trying to play with her sister this morning but she didn't succeed too well. Poor baby is so ready to be better. Abby is doing surprisingly well. Only had a 100 degree fever a couple times and that is not a high fever at all for a child so we are doing good. Yesterday she was fussy but I think it had more to do with her belly hurting her and not her being sick. But of course I don't really know. I am getting there. Still very achy and fever is still there but getting better hopefully.
Me and Rylee headed to the doctor tonight while a good friend came over and kept an eye on Madison and Abby. The Dr wanted to make sure Rylee was doing OK and didn't have any infections from the flu. And she needed some more intense medicine. Her coughing has been HORRIBLE to say the least. But Dr assured me that her coughing was a good thing because she was getting rid of all the yuckiness. He gave her a steroid shot (funny story to write at the end), an inhaler and some new medicine. He did notice I had some fluid in my lungs and gave me a shot and some breathing treatments since it was getting harder for me to breathe. But now I feel a lot better and I think Rylee does too. It has been an experience. But we are back home now and hopefully on the road to recovery now. Dr said we should start feeling better tomorrow afternoon. So lets hope he is right!
Now for the funny story at the Dr office. I of course went first to get the shot so Rylee wouldn't be scared when she got hers. Well as the Dr was about to give her the shot she looks at me with her pitiful face and says "mommy why is Dr gonna shoot me in the butt" I couldn't help but laugh. So did the Dr. It was precious. We were all laughing so hard Rylee didn't even feel the shot. YAY! She was very proud of her shot though! As soon as we got home she told Madison that the Dr shot her in the butt! ha! That kid! At least I can count on my kiddos to keep me happy no matter how bad I am feeling.
It has been rough but I have a great group of friends that have helped and checked on us to make sure we are doing good. And although I would never ask them to infect their families they all offered to help! I guess I can tell who my true friends are. They are always there when I need them.
And also, you might be wondering why Colin couldn't come home since we were all super sick? Well, its because I told him to stay at work :) He wanted to and we even got in an argument about it at one point but I really didn't want him to get sick too since it went through our family so quick. And him coming home would have taken about 8 hours at the LEAST so by the time he got here we would all either be perfectly fine OR he would have gotten it too. SO he gave me some moral support from Alaska. I appreciate him wanting to come home and I probably should have made him come home but I am glad I didn't. I am glad he is not sick and hopefully now we are on our way to recovery! But he does know he will get the shot before coming home LOL! Poor guy! And plus we are closing on our house on Nov. 6 and someone had to make sure they were healthy then :)
Well, I hope everyone is doing well and feeling better.
Looks like our playgroup friends got infested with the Pigs also so if you could keep our family and our playgroup families in your thoughts it would be appreciated :)
Thanks, goodnight, and God Bless

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We got the Oinkers :(

Well I have to have some kind of light in this dark hole at the moment. But its official Madison was the first to get diagnosed with the H1N1 flu. It is not fun at all.
We went in on Monday night because Madison kept throwing up and wouldn't stop. I thought it was just a stomach virus or something she ate at first. But a friend of ours ended up testing positive for the flu so I went ahead and wanted to get the girls tested just in case. Mine, Abby's, and Rylee's came back negative but Madison's test was positive. Dr gave her some Tami-flu and told us that is what we need to take just in case we do get it so it will make it not so bad if and when we do get it. Monday night we had to go into the ER to get fluids for Madison and ended up staying at the doctors from 730ish Monday night until 330ish Tuesday morning. She had an IV on her pumping her with fluids and a round of antibiotics because her white blood cell count was elevated. Not bad but with dealing with this flu infection is not good. So we went ahead and did the antibiotics. she was such a trooper. And so were Rylee and Abby. But it was defiantly an experience bringing all three of the girls to THREE different doctors in the middle of the night!
We finally got home and we all went to bed. Got up at around 11 and Madison was feeling a lot worse. She was complaining that she was sore and her body hurt then she would be cold, then hott. It was so sad seeing my little one like that.
Well as the day went on I could tell Rylee was starting to feel pretty bad. When we woke up this morning Rylee had a fever, chills, sweats, and so on. NOT fun! So I had two of them sick now with the darn Oinkers.
Now its 2:45 and Abby has a fever of 102 and I am at a 103. Lord please help us. Looks like we are all coming down with the darn Pig Flu...I wonder if we get to turn into piggies? Wouldnt that be pretty neat!! HA! Well, everyone stay healthy and sanitize everything. GermX and Lysol is my new best friend! Ha!

Monday, October 19, 2009

Boo at the Zoo of Acadiana

This time of the year is by far our favorite time :) We have so much fun going to pumpkin patches, the zoo and doing lots of fall and winter things! I love how busy this time of the year is! Its the start of the holiday season! I will be posting a lot about all of our adventures. CANT WAIT!

This past Sunday we headed over to the local zoo here for the Boo at the Zoo. If you have never been to Boo at the Zoo you should! Its lots of fun. All the kids dress up in their costumes or halloween outfits and go around to different booths to collect candy. We met some friends there. The girls love when we see Mrs. Brandie and Madison are around. They have lots of fun together!!
Here are some pictures from the zoo :)

Here is both the Madisons collecting their goodies :O)

Petting the animals
The girls dancing to some music! (BTW at any Lafayette function there will always be music!)

The girls in front of the alligators

Madison watching the alligators!

the girls again!
When we first got there standing by the snakes!

Its the WHITE Mike!! HAHA!

Annual playgroup Halloween Party!

Over the weekend we had our BR playgroup Halloween Party! We have done it every year for 3 years now! It is a BLAST! I love watching the kids together. For the most part all of them have grown up together! Its so cute! They really do enjoy being together :) Although we dont see our friends too much since we moved to Lafayette, the girls love getting together when we do with all of them. But hopefully we will see them lots more once we move back in TWO WEEKS :)
Anyways, the party!
All the kiddos were dressed up in their Halloween costumes or Halloween outfits. They looked adorable. And the house we had it at was SOO PRETTY! the kids got to enjoy a huge bounce house and plenty of toys. The weather was Gorgeous and it was a lot of fun. The girls had sooo much fun. I of course totally forgot to take ANY pictures but I did steal one from my friend Kim of some of the kiddos :)
This was at the end of the night...the kiddos were watching Finding Nemo...From left to right its, Madison, Rylee, Owen, and Carly! Madison and Carly are a couple weeks apart and Owen and Rylee are right at a month apart!! It just amazes me how much the kiddos have grown. SO CUTE!
I am so glad I have made the friends I did when I did. These ladies are amazing :)
It was a great party! Now I cant wait to be able to host playdates at my house! It will be soo fun!

Thursday, October 15, 2009

Michelle did it now I will :)

Should be fun!!
First I am going to explain how we came up with our kids names HAHA!

Madison-well that was always my favorite name for a girl...Colin didnt have too much say in it :) But he liked it so that was that! She was easy!
Marie-This is Colins mothers middle name....

Rylee- we didnt have too much time with this since I was 7 months preggo but I wanted something to do with Leigh :) (my sister) We went through every name that ended with -ly, Hayleigh, Carlee, all of them! Colin then came up with Riley one day! I loved it right away. BUT I hated the way it was spelt. I always said I wanted traditional names for my kids and for them to be able to find their name on cute stuff BUT I changed my mind on this one. SO I chose Rylee :) I have a feeling Colin came up with this name from a sign that was on the side of the road right before Siegan coming from Praireville. Its a big white building by the hummer dealership that is called Reilys! But he wont admit to it!
Nichole-Its my middle name :)

Abigail-WOW now this little girl was SUPER hard to the way! We tried EVERYTHING and we couldnt agree on ANYTHING. Madison from day 1 was stuck on Abigail (it was her best friend in her class) I liked it but it didnt seem right at first. Colin thought the same. But for some reason we kept going back to Abigail. So about 2 months before she was born I called colin and said i am tired of looking up baby names and her name is my surprise he said OK! But I wanted to call her Abby. Funny thing because I was also against nick names for the kids...I wanted them to be called what is on their birth certificate. Well, once Madison came she became Maddie. So I wanted to keep the e sound at the end. So I have a Maddie, Rylee, and Abby! BUT Madison gets to say that she got to name her baby sister
Dawn-its my moms middle name...we figured we had one off his side of the family, one for me, and one for my side! Worked out perfectly!

So that is how we came up with their names!

Now for the other post :)
This one is called "Over the Top". You can only use one word for each question.

1. Where is your cell phone? purse 2. Your hair? blondish 3. Your mother? nurse 4. Your father? operator 5. Your favorite food? steak :) 6. Your dream last night? preggo 7. Your favorite drink? water 8. Your dream/goal? happy 9. What room are you in? master 10. Your hobby? running 11. Your fear? failing 12. Where do you want to be in 6 years? here 13. Where were you last night? home 14. Something that you aren’t? sleeping 15. Muffins? strawberry 16. Wish list item? iphone 17. Where did you grow up? Prairieville 18. Last thing you did? dr 19. What are you wearing? pjs 20. Your TV? flat 21. Your pets? dogs 22. Friends? awesome 23. Your life? family 24. Your mood? worried 25. Missing someone? hubby 26. Vehicle? caddy 27. Something you’re not wearing? bra (HAHAH!) sorry that was all i could think of :) 28. Your favorite store? Target 29. Your favorite color? green
30. When was the last time you laughed? just
31. Last time you cried? tonight
32. Your best friend? Colin
33. One place that I go to over and over? Target
34. One person who emails me regularly? Mrs. Lauren
35. Favorite place to eat? home

Now I tag all my blogging friends :)