Saturday, December 13, 2008

"Mommy, it will snow on Christmas, Santa will make it!!!!"

Yep, that is what Madison keeps telling me. Its so cute but I feel so bad because in the South we dont get snow. Right?? Well, that is what we have been telling Madison. Some places it snows and some it doesnt! I never thought it would snow here. BOY WAS I WRONG! And much to my surprise it snowed here on Thursday morning (December 11th). Daddy called us around 5 in the morning to let us know that it was snowing outside. But of course I didnt believe him and didnt want to get up! But of course he sounded like a kid on Christmas and MADE me get out of bed to go look! I think he was thinking that there was some snow but most wasnt sticking to the ground. WOW! There was a TON! I was so excited! It was of course still dark outside but I didnt care! It was gorgeous! So of course I had to wake the girls up since it was supposed to stop here around 8 or so. Well, when I woke Madison up she was BEYOND thrilled. And all she kept saying was "see mommy it does snow here" GREAT! But Rylee was a little more resistant. She doesnt like to be woken up for anything. HA! Remind you of someone else! OOPSS! But finally they were both up so I start getting them dressed. Then I realized we have no clothes that will be good in the snow. So I layered them in case they got soaked! Which of course they did! When we first went outside Madison went crazy! She was so so excited! She just lit up! Rylee on the other hand well she thought the snow was great until she actually touched it and it was cold! So of course she liked the idea of snow just not the actual snow! But she did play in it a couple times but then worked her way back to me! Madison had so much fun! She kept throwing snowballs at me and Rylee. And they were big! She saw all the snow on daddys truck and was so excited! But the snow was so much harder on the other side of our apartment building. But she was very content with playing in the snow by daddys truck. We did walk over there though and there was sooo many kids playing! They built a snowman almost as tall as me! And I am 5'10"! So the girls wanted to build their own snowman! So Madison ran back to her spot and started to roll the snow together. And she did it! She made her own little snowman!! It was precious! Of course later she used it as a weapon and was throwing it at me and Rylee. But all in all the girls had a blast in their first ever snow!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Just some pictures!

Here is a couple pictures of what has been going on with us!

Grady and Owen pushing Rylee!

Madison and Rylee on the Carousel


Rylee having so much fun!

Madison singing!

The girls on the Firetruck!!!

Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas time!!

Its here!! Christmas time! And all the busy stores and crazy people on the road. I love this time of the year but WOW they have manaiacs this time of the year. I always wondered why my mom never wanted to shop after Black Friday until after New Years. Now I know why. I do the whole Black Friday thing of course because I try to get all my shopping done that day! Yea well that wasnt the case this year. We did get a lot of stuff but we didnt get everything. For some reason this year we have lots more people to buy for. It seems like our list doubled! Not sure how. The only people that I cna think of that is new is Richie's two kids, Lance and Hannah Grace. Richie is my sisters boyfriend. But they were actually not hard to buy for. Although shopping for boy toys is TOTALLY new for me. To be honest in all the times I have been to Toys R Us I dont think I have EVER stepped foot down the boy aisles. Or at Walmart or Target for that matter. Crazy! But our family has been girls for so long. HA! My poor dad has no hope of boys. Granted I do have cousins that are boys but I guess it just isnt the same. My dad has a sister and she has 3 girls. My dad has 2 daughters (me and my sis) I have 2 daughters and Leigh has one daughter. Poor man!! No wonder he was always working! HA! But anyways, I am trying to figure out how it grew so much! But I guess it doesnt matter. Its Christmas time!!! My favorite time of the year!
We are pretty sad though because Colin wont be able to be home (most likely) this year for Chrismtas. I figured that if I say he wont be here and then ends up being home it will be a wonderful treat. But not to get our hopes up of course! But I sure do wish he would be here. We will discuss what we will do a little closer to Christmas.
This year we had our tree up early of course! Once daddy got home from his last job before Thanksgiving we decided to put the tree up. I am very attached to our tree this year. It was my tree when I was growing up. I love love that tree. Its about 7 feet tall and about a million feet around :) Never did I realize how big it really was until we put it up in our small apartment! But I still love it. But of course my mom wants it back after Christmas! HA! My crazy momma! But she is trading me a 7 1/2 ft tree that already has lights! WAHOO! And it isnt as wide! Which is good! But anyways! Our tree is lovely and huge this year! The girls wanted colored lights (much to my dislike) but it actually looks great! And they love it!
So I guess here comes Christmas everyone!! Hope yall enjoy it!
I just hope Madison isnt too disappointed when she finds out it most likely wont snow for Christmas. These darn movies spreading false hope on these kids!

Sorry I was rambling!! Merry Christmas Everyone!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Potty Training!

It has been about 4 days now and Rylee is doing GREAT! Better than I expected. I of course did the cold turkey approach! I have lots of size 4 diapers if anyone needs some!!!! But I am so proud of Rylee. I figured it would take forever to teach her because she is so young and so stubborn! I think she gets it from her momma!!!! But she loves being a big girl. We did get a liner for her bed in case she has any accidents in it :) But only one so far! And boy that liner works! HA! And she hated having her bed wet! She never wakes up for anything and it woke her up! HA! . So I really dont think she will be doing that again.

Here is my approach if anyone is curious! I know lots of our friends are about to tackle this also so I wanted to share how we do it!!
As most of you know that read this, I dont do diapers even at night time (not even pullups) because it ruins it in my eyes. They get the confidence of wearing big girl/boy panties but at night they get back in the diaper or pullups. I know it works for some but for mine it doesnt! I would rather clean the mess then potty training take months! So I think just taking away diapers all together and doing panties always it is so much easier. Yes, there will be a mess but kids soon learn that they dont like it and it teaches them not to do it! Well, at least it has worked for my family :) In my experience it has only taken no longer than a week for my kids to be fully potty trained. At night and all. Of course we are on day 4 with Rylee and she only wet her bed on night 2. So I am pretty sure we might be passed that. But it is also important to do it at the right time. If you do it too early it will take longer of course. The only reason I started with Rylee now when she just turned 2 was because she loved going on the potty!! And she hated to be wet or dirty! HA! I think watching her older sister helped out a lot! Oh and another key thing is I asked them EVERY 10-15 min so they get the hang of it. On day 1 I make them sit on the potty every 10-15 min. Then on day 2 I still ask every 10-15 min but I only make them sit every other time I ask! Then hopefully they get the hang of it. We also did a Potty Poster. Everytime the girls went potty they got to put a sticker on their poster and got to color on it with glitter glue! They liked that they got to put the sticker on it where ever they wanted. I of course would date it and put the time on it! Madison enjoyed it a lot more than Rylee does though. For Rylee she wants a sucker everytime! HA! Which is fine with me. If that is what helps her then I say go for it~ HA! I hope everyone has fun tackling the potty training!! Good luck!

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

At the Park with Daddy

While daddy was home during the 2 weeks we took the girls to the park. They love the park of course since we go like twice a week. But its always extra fun with Daddy!! They were all so cute together! They ran and chased each other and Daddy even threw them in the air which they love. And since I dont do that they enjoyed it even more! Here are some cute pictures of them :)

Monday, December 1, 2008

Rylee a big girl?? WHAT!

Its official! I am tired of diapers! HA! I have been going back and forth on potty-training Rylee. I would want to start and then I would back off. Well not this time. I am DOING IT! We started last night and she is doing great! Usually I dont go anywheres for like 3 days when I start potty training. But the girls really wanted to go to Story Time at the Barnes and Noble Bookstore so we head out. Rylee did GREAT! I was so super proud! She is loving the attention. I just feel bad because Madison doesnt understand why her sister is getting all the attention when she goes potty and not her! But she is doing great helping her sister! So soon enough my baby girl will be potty trained! I am so proud! I will update soon!

Saturday, November 8, 2008

Our Crazy Life!

Life has been nonstop lately! You can definitely tell that the holiday season is just right around the corner. And Rylee's birthday is coming up!! The girls have been asking to put up the Christmas Tree also! Ever since Halloween they have been so excited. We actually went as far as to put the actual tree up with the lights but no ornaments. Its so cute. And the girls are super excited. We are trying to wait for Daddy to get home before we do the ornaments. I just hope its soon since I am not sure how long they can hold out! (or me!!) :-) We have started writing out our Christmas list for Santa and will mail them soon. It just feels so weird that it is already Christmas time, granted Thanksgiving is first I know but as soon as they put all the Christmas stuff in the store it feels like time to celebrate! Madison said that it isnt Christmas time until it snows. Poor kid! If only she realized that it didnt snow here! HEHE! However, it did snow for her first Christmas. Well it is what us Southern folks would call snow :) It was so fun! But I am sure she doesnt remember since she was only 5mths old! But it did happen. I am pretty sure that is the only time since I was born. But it was great.
Anyways....I have a couple of pictures that have NOTHING to do with this blog but they are cute! It was from when we went play at the Playplace McDonalds. They had tons of fun!

7 intresting things about me!!

I saw that a friend did it and I thought it was really cute. So I decided to do it too!

7 intresting things about me-new or old!

1. I love being with my kids. They truly are the greatest kids ever. We have soo much fun together! I am sure every mom would say that but its true. They are seriously my best friends. I would pick hanging out with them over anything. Staying at home with them has been so wonderful!

2. I have a very odd relationship with my family! I love them more than anything but we have our moments! But I would do anything for them and they know it!

3. I have always wanted to get back in pagaents! I did them when I was younger and want to get back in them! I loved it. Getting all dressed up and being put on stage in front of hundreds of people. That was great. One day I will do the Mrs. USA pagaent...maybe!

4. Colin and I were both dating other people when we first realized that we wanted to date! And ended up ending our relationships both of 2 years and started dating each other 2 weeks later :) And we were oh so different when we first started dating!! And neither one of us thought it would last past the summer! HA! Oh and I used to steal his poptarts from him all the time!!!!!! HAHA!

5. The first time I met Colins parents I was BEYOND nervous! It was hilarious. The whole time during dinner I laughed and they just thought I was being nervous but really it was Colin's brother kcking me under the table but he wouldnt admit it! He just wanted to make fun of me!

6. I am VERY scared of flying. I actually flew for the first time ever when we went to Disney World in July! It was VERY nerve-racking! And my kids thought it was GREAT.

7. Colin and I started dating on June 28, got engaged 5 years later on June 28, and then got married a year after that on June 28! It all just seemed to work out on that day! It was great! And I got to have a fairytale weddng with my prince charming!

Now I tag everyone on my blog list!!! Enjoy~!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Election!

Since I haven't changed my address yet I needed to go back to Prairieville to vote yesterday. Which is OK with me because we can see our family and friends! Although yesterday we just spent time with Family! My uncle (well actually he is my Godfather) was running for Justice of Peace in the Gonzales area. So he had a big shin-dig to watch the results! It was great. We had good food and we all got to see what the results were.

We actually were just going to come in town and vote then leave because Madison wasnt feeling too great. She was pretty grumpy and tired. She has been doing this for a while. I think this time change might be getting to her. Who knows. She had a tiny fever but nothing too bad. And she really wanted to go so I turned around and we went celebrate with them :) And much to my surprise she was fine the whole time. Although she was clingy at the end when she was ready to go to bed! But that isnt anything new!

The party was great. There was a lot of people there and we had a huge projector so everyone was able to see as the votes came in. And let me tell you that is nerve-racking. I was dying. I can only imagine how my uncle was doing! He kept pacing back and forth and only watched it every now and then! And they came in SLOW!!! Well not really but it surely felt like it! The good thing is he stayed in the lead the whole time! But we had to wait for 22 precients! So finally the time came and it was on numbe 21 and he was ahead by a little over 600 votes! So all we needed was one more....and after about 5 minutes it finally came in! 7,613-Jamie Frederic Braud, 8,517-John C. Hebert!!!! He won!! 47.2% to 52.8%!!! It was great! I was very excited! And so proud!

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween over??

Well, Halloween came and now is gone! The girlsreally enjoyed it this year! We all went over to my sisters house in Central to trick-or-treat there! All the kids got to ride on the hay ride! how cute right. Well I would show you but of course like all the other occasions my camera is MIA! ARG! Me and that thing will go at it one day! HA! I am so mad at myself! I always forget it when I need it! HA! Oh well. I should be getting pictures soon and will post them! We all had a great time! Madison was knda over it after an hour and a half but not Rylee! She didnt want to stop! My little trooper! It was so cute! And plus she got LOADS of candy!! We have enough candy now for the next 10 years! HA!
Halloween came quick and left even quicker. Rylee I think misses it! And wants to do it every night now! She put hr costume back on this morning and kept saying trick or treat! It was precious!
But now comes the real fun! Thanksgiving and CHRISTMAS! Santa is shopping early this year! He knows just what the girls want and is ready to go!
But first before that happens Rylee TURNS TWO! AHHH! I still cant believe my baby is 2 already. We are having her party on the 16th in hopes that daddy will be home. He is going to be so upset if he misses another birthday party for the girls. He already missed Madisons 3rd party! But at least he was here on her actual birthday! Everything will work out I am sure! Will post pictures as soon as I get them!

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day back in Baton Rouge!

We decided to go back down to our Hometown for another Halloween party!!

We headed out that morning to meet a friend at the park since we have not seen them in about FOREVER! HA! It was soo good to see friends! Annika even gave us a big Hello when we first got there! I was impressed that at 2 she remembers us!! Shes so sweet! Then fnally I went over and saw some of the ladies from our group! It was great! Especially since we only planned on meeting one! We had a lot of fun! The kids played soo well! We just love that park because it is in the shade and has a great playset!

After that we decided to go to the movies. They have been OBSESSED with High School Musical so I figured that would have been perfect. And plus I have been dying to see it :) So we went in and of course had to get a Coke, a HUGE Popcorn (that we finished in the first 30 min of the movie), and some Sno Caps. Bcause you cant see a movie without SnoCaps! It was the cutest movie! The girls LOVED it and so did I! They were singing and dancing the whole time. I am so glad there was only one other family there!! It was precious!

Then we headed over to GiGi's house to get changed and ready for the party! Yep another Halloween Party. This was with the BIG Mom's Like Us group! We had a lot of fun! The girls got to jump, paint their pumpkin, make spider hats, and decorate their treat bags. It was so cute! And it was great seeing all the moms that I dont see as much anymore. After that both girls were just plain exhausted! Which was good because we had a long drive ahead of us :) All in all it was one CRAZY FUN day!! I will post some more pictures later!

Monday, October 27, 2008

Halloween Party!

On Friday night we went back to our hometown for a Halloween Party! All of our friends were there! The girls had soo much fun! Usually both girls are very shy when we walk into a big crowd but not this time. They were both super exited to see everyone. They had a big jumper that Madison got straight in and jumped. It was precious. We all had a blast. And I even got to catch up with some friends! It felt so great to talk to a grown-up!! Here are a few pictures that some of the ladies took. I didn't have my camera so I had to use everyone eleses pictures :)

Me and the girls!!

Madison getting ready to hit the Pumpkin!

Parker and Madison in the Jump House

All the kiddos!

Some of the kiddos!

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Alexa's Weekend With The Barleycorns!!!

We finally got to snatch Alexa away to come spend time with us! Madison and Rylee love when she comes over. They all have a blast together! They are super close. We picked up Alexa on Friday morning and headed to a pumpkin patch with our friends in Denham Springs. The weather wasnt so great but we still had fun. We also got some great pictures. Each of the girls got to pick a big pumpkin and a smaller one. They all enjoyed picking out the pumpkins! After the pumpkin patch we went eat with our friends at Mr. Gatti's pizza! It was a lot of fun. The girls ate soo much. And all the moms got to catch up! Once the kids were done eating they all got to run around in the room that they let us sit in since there was a lot of us! HA! I think it was more to do with soo many kids. 7 in all!! After that our little family went to the Mall to let the kids blow off some more steam. They had a blast running around! Then we headed to book Rylees Birthday at Bouncing Tigers. After that we headed to Colins parents house for dinner. The girls were pooped by the time we headed home. They all fell asleep by the time we were out of Denham!
On Saturday we went went to the doggie park, and to the girls park. We also went to the Doggie store to get JoJo a new collar. Its one that goes over her mouth to teach her to walk right when we take her out. IT WORKS WONDERS! Its like walking a new dog I love it! Then we got her a bed and bunches of treats. Needless to say we spoiled JoJo on Saturday!
Sunday Colin and I had signed up to give blood at our church so we got up early and headed over to the Church. While Colin and I were giving blood the girls went and played with these High School girls. They had fun coloring and watching movies! After that we headed to lunch since we ended up taking longer then expected and missed the mass. After lunch we all headed home for my two to take naps and I wentmeet my sister to bring Alexa back. All in all we had a great busy weekend! And we were all totally exhausted from it! HA!
Here is some pictures of us at the Pupkin Patch!!


Me and Colin took the girls to Hobby Lobby to find something to put on our door for Halloween/Thanksgiving. I just wanted a cute wreath for the door. We ended up finding these cute wooden things that hang on the door. All you have to do is paint them. Fun idea right!! So we got all th paint we needed and headed home. I put the girls and me in some worn out clothes since I knew we would get really messy!! HA! That was an understatement! Colin got to paint the Halloween one that was a Frankenstein that had a sign that said boo and I painted a big Turkey that said Thanksgiving. I got some paper out for the girls so they could paint on it! They had a great time. Rylee lost interest in it after a little while but Madison painted like 5 pictures! They both did an awesome job! Rylee ended up painting more of herself then the paper though. And painted her sistr too! HA! It was so precious! sorry Rylee is sideways!! Couldnt change it!!

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pumpkin Patch!

Today we went to a church pumpkin patch around here with a small playgroup. It was so cute. The girls loved it! We watched a cute movie about Pumpkins and how they were made. After that we went on the hay ride and sang halloween songs. They were confusing though! HA! After that we went to listen to some stories and get snacks and juice. We all enjoyed that! Then off to the pumpkins! They had a baby pig that they brought out and Madison just ate that up. It was precious. They also had goats that the girls enjoyed feeding! I didn't realize I was raising little farm girls though. I was so proud of them for not getting scared. They also had ducks, chickens, rabbits, and some other animals. The girls ran around looking at all the pumpkins. They even got to do a maze! It was precious. And all for $3.50! And it also included a small *munckin* pumpkin and some coloring sheets with 3 pumpkin seeds and directions on how to plant them. Now I am going to have a pumpkin patch in my backyard when we get in our big house as Madison calls it! We had lots of fun today! We are going to another pumpkin patch with all our friends on Friday so we will post more pictures from that one! But here is some from todays!

Our JoJo

Story behind our puppy!!
I was looking on Craig's list one day just being bored. And I saw this add about an 8 month old German Shepard named Jojo. It caught my attention right away because first I love love love German Shepard's and second was her name. Colin had a German Shepard when he was little named Joey. Joey saved his life when he was only 2. Colin fell into a well in New Jersey and Joey got his parents to come save him. He was down there for a few min. But if it wasn't for Joey, Colin wouldn't be here. He loved his dog!! And Joey was a GORGEOUS German Shepard. Anyways, I ended up showing it to Colin and he said we can go look at the dog. Yea he should have known then!! I just thought it was fate for us to have. Colin with his male German Shepard growing up named Joey and now with our girl the same age with a female German Shepard named Jojo! So we went meet the family trying to get rid of her. She was VERY hyper active and skinny. But I fell in love with her. And so did the girls. And of course since ALL dogs love Colin she loved Colin right away! So we got her. I at first felt bad because we do live in a small apartment and she is a pretty big dog. But since I am home a lot I figured it wouldn't be so bad. I would be able to bring her to parks and walk her as much as she needed. Plus I really wanted something to protect me and the girls while Colin was gone. I think it made him feel better knowing we had a big dog that wouldn't let anything happen to us.
Well since we got her she has gained over 20 lbs. and is sooo spoiled! She just seems sooo happy now! Its soo cute watching her sleep with the girls. I love it! She does bark a lot but that is because she is still a puppy. She is getting soo much better about it. So anyways I just wanted to post some pictures of her on here!!


I think I have the biggest LSU fans! HA! They love watching the LSU football games. Its soo cute! Ganted LSU didnt win this past weekend against the Florida Gators but you would have never known at our house! They were soo cute cheering the Tigers on and yelling at them when they didn't do what the girls wanted them too! HA! Here is some pictures of the girls in their LSU Cheerleading Uniforms!

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hanging with GiGi

Yesterday was loads of fun! I had an appointment in Denham Springs for 9 am so we had to leave SUPER early to get there on time. 6:30-6:45 AM to be exact. But getting out the door was smooth since I just left the girls in their PJs. The girls stayed with Colin's dad while I took care of my stuff!! They had so much fun. They love spending time with their Paw Paw! He is their best friend! I ended up getting done around 11:45! After I picked the girls up we headed over to GiGi's house (my mommy)! GiGi picked Alexa up early from school so she could spend time with us while we were in town! They get along soo well. GiGi ended up treating us all to Chuck E Cheese! We had so much fun! There was hardly anyone there!! All 3 girls were so good the whole time. We were there for 3hours!!! That is by far the longest we have EVER stayed there. Needless to say they were tired. But GiGi wanted to go get the girls some clothes at Old Navy so we went straight there from Chuck E. Cheese! That was an adventure. 3 small kids exhausted in a clothing store! WOW! But we survived and got some really cute clothes for the girls and ME!! We had loads of fun. Finally around 6 pm we were heading home. WELL!! As soon as we got on the interstate we were at a stand still. Not slow moving traffic we were not moving at all! It was nutts. People were putting it in reverse trying to get off the interstate. Come to find out they had about 3-5 stalled veicles (probably because they ran out of gas since they couldnt go anywhere) and 3 wrecks on the bridge. One was one the other side than what we were on. But 2 were on the side we were! It was nutts. The wreck on the other side was horrible. It had 3 18-wheelers and at least 2 cars I could see. It was most likely the worst wreck I have EVER seen. So finally after sitting in traffic for 3 1/2 hours we were finally on our way home. It took us over 4 hours just to get home. ARG! I was soo tired. But all in all it was a great day! Madison even told me on the way home that she had a really good time with GiGi today! It was super sweet!

Friday, October 3, 2008


Tonight we went over to a friends house to hang out and eat crabs!!! The girls had a blast playing with their little boy Peyton! And he was soo great with them! Madison didnt even want to come home! HA! We had a great time!! And the crabs were ohhh so good!! We really enjoyed the time out of the house for once!! I am sa though because we didnt take any pictures. Except Jerry took some of Rylee eating her M&M cookie!! It was a mess! Of course everything those girls do is messy!!! HA!
I have been really busy lately trying to get rid of all the junk in our house. I have finally gotten rid of a lot of stuff that we really didnt need and now we have a lot more space. I am just soo ready for a house with a yard! Poor JoJo just wants to run!!
Me and Madison are finally over being sick. The stupid stomach virus going around sucks!!!!!!! Trust me if you know anyone that has it stay far away!!! I am just lucky Rylee didnt get it as bad as we did. It was really rough trying to deal with one sick kid and one well whe you are sick yourself. It was a really long couple of days. But hopefully all is well now.
Colin is still working right now! Hopefully he get to come home soon. Its hard with him gone for so long. But we are doing great still! Trying to stay busy busy! We have lots coming up so say tuned!!!

Monday, September 29, 2008

Sorry I haven't written more!!

It has been a pretty hectic week! I have been trying to update it at least every other day. Well with the week I have had I am surprised I am on now :)

To start with I have started couponing to save money since we will be buying a house soon. I love it! It makes shopping so much fun! And the girls love it! Its like a game for us all. And our new favorite store is CVS!!! I never even went there before until 2 weeks ago. And it is GREAT!! I have gotten soo much cheap/free stuff there. For instance today I went and I got 4 Gillette Shampoo for men (2/$9)
1 Fushion Razor ($10)
3 Dawn dish liquid ($.99 each)
2 ColgateToothbrushes (2/$5)
2 Colgate Toothpaste(2/$5)
2 Cover girl base (which I dont even use but wanted to ECB's for it! ($5.79))
2 Febreeze

I had a coupon for everything!!! And ended up spending aroung $10 for all! The only reason I spent that much is because I needed the Febreeze and that didnt earn me money! With only spendin $10 I earned over $15 ECBs for my next time! (ECB is Extra Care Bucks that prints at the bottom of your reciept for a future purchase!! I used some on the purchases on the above items today just used more than one transaction! It was great!! I was super proud!! The girls loved it! Now I feel like I am doing something to contribute to our life! And Madison and Rylee are getting great at cutting! HEHE! I always thought that it was easy and the reason I never did it was because I was too lazy and didn't feel like going through all that just to save like $.50 on something. Well little did I know what all was in it! Its actually fun! And now I am spending like 30% less on our groceries/household items!! I know it will come down more but since I just started I am doing pretty good! Well enough about that for now!!

I have tried to stay busy this week because both girls were starting to get a little ansy with daddy being gone for awile!! It has been 2 1/2 weeks and he still says it will be a while. I am thinking the end of Oct. but hopefully sooner. Although I have learned not to get my hopes up now! I just wish he had a set schedule on when he leaves and when he comes back home. I think it would be easier on the girls and ME! I feel like a single mom all over again! But life goes on. We know he misses us and we talk to him everyday!
Madison had a couple of rough nights (3 to be exact) where she would wake up SCREAMING at the top of her lungs for daddy. And she didnt want anything to do with me. I felt soo hopeless. Rylee didnt seemed phased by her screamig the first night but the second it was a nightmare. Finally I called Colin because all 3 of us were sooo exhausted and I let him talk to her. He decided he would come home for a couple hours the next day to see all of us. The girls were sooo excited. I just felt bad because, although I knew the girls needed him and wanted him to come home, he works nights and that would mean he wouldnt sleep the day he came home. But he didnt care of course. He is such a good dad. So after he came over the girls seemed ok again. FINALLY Madison was sleeping again. Of course then Rylee gets sick! It never stops of course!! She is such a good "sick" baby. All she wants to do is cuddle! I LOVE IT! Although I hate when she doesnt feel well.

Madison has been doing great in school. She loves it! She is learning to do soo much. She colors better than I do! GO MADDIE!!! Granted that isnt saying much but she is doing great!

Rylee loves her time with just mommy! We get soo much done together! She has turned into such a little helper! So sweet. She folds clothes with me, puts them in the washer and dryer by herself, unloads and loads the dishwasher and she even vacuums!! We have this vaccuum cleaner from our old apartment that is a rechargable one. VERY LIGHT! We had it because of the stairs. Well that is now hers! She vacuums her whole room and the hall way! And is pretty good at it! She is such a big girl! She reminds me sooo much of me though with her little sarcasm and temper! HA! Its cute. Sometimes I cant help but laugh!

We have slightly started looking for houses! GREAT right?? NOOOO!! I realized that with how much we pay in rent each month we can get a pretty nice house! Yea why didnt we? Oh yea because we didnt know the area. Well I found an area that I love and the schools are great! But the only thing is that Colin does not want to live in a Subdivison. Which is fine with me but geez there is a lot of Subdivisons out there!! His reasoning is because he doesnt want to live somewhere that he is going to have someone telling him what he can and cant have on his lot. Which is totally understandable! But its pretty hard. And I am pretty picky! HA! I dont want a new looking house I like the older white homes. They just have sooo much character to me! Who knows. Hopefully we find what we want. And there is also a possibility we could move back home?? WHO KNOWS!!! Stay tuned to find out just where we move? Down in Cajun Country or back to our roots?? Who knows?? ;)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Fall is HERE

We have had some GREAT weather here lately!! Not too hot and certainly not too cold! HA! Like it gets cold here right? We are outside almost every day which the girls absolutely LOVE LOVE! This past weekend we went to see Colin's Parents and my parents! Colin's parents took us to an alligator farm. It was sooo cool! I forgot my camera so I will have to get some pictures from them. The girls REALLY seemed to enjoy it! It was too cute. Rylee also loved the Cajun music and dancing. She wanted to dance the whole time. Madison wasn't feeling too great so she slept through the music. It did rain on us but it was still a blast. Good food, Good music, and Alligators Who couldn't love all that right?!?!

Then we went over to my parents house to eat some supper and watch the game! GO LSU TIGERS!! We weren't planning on staying for the game but of course we couldn't miss it so we stayed! It was fun! The girls ate all their food and I gave them a bath so they would be comfortable on the way home! The girls are just as big of fans as the rest of us when it comes to the Tigers, if not bigger fans!! Rylee ended up finally falling asleep in the 3rd quarter! VERY unusual for her! She always goes to bed early!! And then Madison fell asleep a little after her in Gigi's arms!! It was cute! My mom of course ate that up.

Sunday we went to church and then we came home! Daddy cooked us steaks, potatoes, mushrooms, and onions on the grill for lunch! It was YUMMY! The weather of course was gorgeous so the girls enjoyed playing while daddy cooked!

Monday was a pretty boring day! We went to story time that morning, then to the library! After that we picked up Jojo and headed to the park to play! Madison still wasn't feeling like herself so we didn't stay long. They did have this big tractor that both girls went crazy over the whole time we were there though!

We have been doing a lot outside because of this weather. We just cant get enough of it! HE HE! It is our favorite time of year! The Holiday season is quickly approaching!!!!!

Thursday, September 18, 2008


OK So I cant hide that my girls are definate DADDY'S GIRLS! Even when he is not here they try to be JUST like him. Its sooo cute! I dont even think Colin realizes just how bad it is. I dont think I did until the other day they both found their overalls in all the winter clothes I was going through. It was priceless! They both wanted out of their clothes and to put on their overalls like their daddy! At first I said no because that just means MORE clothes for me to wash since they had already worn the outfits they had on most of the day. They were upset to say the least! So I of course caved in and let them put them on! They were SUPER excited. Oh and just to let you know if you dont know Colin that well he wears overalls that he has had forever when he works on the cars! And they think it is GREAT! Anyways, so they were prancing everywhere saying that they were just like daddy now! So cute right! Well bedtime came and time to take the overalls off. NOPE! They wanted to sleep in them! HA! Of course this one I didnt give in on but they threw some fits! Still thinking it was cute I put them in the dirty clothes and the girls finally went to bed. The next morning both ran in my room already in their overalls! OH GEEZ! So needless to say my little country bumpkins are obbsessed with them! Its cute of course but geez! 2 days in a row! they do have 2 pairs each but I can only do so much overalls! At least they are cute! I guess daddy and "cajun country" is starting to rub off on us!

Madison Marie Age 3

Rylee Nichole Age 23 months