Sunday, February 21, 2010

Soccer Game pictures 2/20/10

She is getting SOO big :O)

Friday, February 19, 2010

Snow Day Pictures :)

Our house when it first started snowing :)

Madison was SOOO excited!!

So precious :)

Yep Rylee is wearing SUNGLASSES in the snow :) LOVE HER!

Wednesday, February 17, 2010


I am going to try to make this story as short as possible. It was the most scary moment of my life. And I hope NO ONE has to ever go through this EVER

On Feb 10, 2010 (I remember because it was my moms birthday) my world fell apart.
Madison and Rylee were outside playing with the dogs on the swing set. Much like they do EVERY DAY! I was inside tending to Abigail because she was hungry and tired. I was getting her bottle ready when Jojo (our German Shepard) barked. It wasn't a bark I have ever heard but honestly didn't think to much of it. It was a startling bark though and I did look outside. As I looked out the window I saw Madison with this look on her face of fear. I though Jojo had caught another animal. This must have been when I put Abby in her swing because I don't remember actually putting her down. BUT she was in the swing. thank goodness :) I walk out the door and ask Madison what was wrong. She didn't say anything but I could tell something wasn't right. And plus Jojo was still Barking like crazy! And eating something. (I found out what the next night by the way) So Madison looked at me then back at Jojo and screamed as loud as she could while she pointed to Jojo. Still I thought she caught an animal. Not thinking anything of it I started to walk that way and called "Jojo". she looked at me and as soon as she did I saw Rylee's feet. and arm. My heart sank in my chest. I knew at that moment something wasn't right. I ran over there and as I got closer Jojo finally moved and I saw Rylee's face Blue and she was not moving. She was just hanging there. From what I got from Madison once we were in the car was that they were playing with a Jump rope and climbing up the slide with it. It was tied to the top bar on the top of the slide. Rylee had it hanging on her shoulder and ended up falling down and went down the slide with the rope around her neck. And that is when I saw her. So now back to what happened. I pushed her up on the slide and the rope just fell off (I will also explain why this was at the end because at this moment it didn't dawn on me what had happened). I laid her on the ground and looked down her chest. She was in fact not breathing. So I did what I needed to and breathed into my precious child one good breath. Again I looked down her chest. Still NOTHING. Still BLUE. I began to panic. Again I breathed for her and in the middle of my second breath she moved. I felt her try to cough. I backed up and surely she coughed and I am pretty sure threw up. Not positive because I did have a dog right there watching my every move. (Also Madison ended up telling me later on that Buster was with her on the ground during this whole ordeal. Which was funny because I didn't even think about where the dog or Madison was but again more on that at the end) She finally came too and was crying and I picked her up and ran inside. I put her sitting on the basket of blankets by the garage door while I put the other two in the car. I grabbed Abigail and Madison and Madison buckled herself and Abby up. Such a BIG Girl! I then proceeded to put Rylee in the car. She was calmer now and wasn't crying. I buckled her up and got in the car. I was headed to the nearest doctor I could find which happened to be at the Lake After Hours about 12 minutes away :) And my In-laws live right there so I called my FIL who was at home and told him I was dropping the oldest and littlest off and I needed to get to the DR. My heart was pounding and I knew she was going to be ok. She started to get color back in her face and even though she was pale I knew it was better than blue. And she even smiled at me at one point. I dropped them off and headed to the LAH right there. Of course I knew I needed to go to ER but I also knew my nerves were not going to allow me to drive my child all the way over there (at least 30 min away). And no it never crossed my mind to call 911. It never dawned on me. So I get to the LAH and they checked her oxygen levels and it was a little low but not bad at all. I thought it was 97 BUT from what the nurse said that when they called to tell them that we were coming her O2 level was 95. Sooo in was somewhere in there! But either way it was still GREAT! They told us to head over to the Lake for her to be examined even more. So we head there. Took LOTS of different test and ended up staying overnight. It was nice though. She enjoyed all the attention and won the hearts of EVERYONE who worked in the hospital! Especially her nurses and doctors. They were great!
So all in all my baby girl is ok. A very tragic accident that turned into a pure miracle. It still amazes me the strength that I had to get through it and not to mention the strength Madison showed along with both dogs.
Now to go back to a couple of points!

The rope--Come to find out the night we got home that Jojo was actually Eating the rope to get it off of her neck. It was almost completely torn and I think if I would have been just 3o seconds later, if that, Jojo would have had her completely free off the rope. Such a great dog! It still amazes me what she did to warn me that something was happening.

Now Buster--I never even thought to see where Buster was. Never dawned on me until yesterday actually! I did see Buster with Jojo when I first asked Madison what was going on. And then after that had no memory of Buster. Come to find out Buster was sitting on the ground with Madison. Madison told me that Buster was taking care of her while Jojo and I were with Rylee. Madison said that She was hugging Buster the whole time. And he just sat there. That is SOO not like my hyper doggies! But I am soo thankful to him that he did that for her. I am sure it was because of him that she calmed down. And I am so glad that he took care of her while I was with Rylee. So Buster you are DEFIANTLY a hero to me also!!

Rylee is doing soo much better now. Still not sleeping great and nervous to go outside without me or Jojo but is getting better. She is coughing but not too bad. At night it is pretty rough but I think she is just scared. But with every day she is doing soo much better. I just know that God was on our side that day and worked through Madison, Jojo, Buster and me to make sure we kept Rylee safe. And although it was the hardest thing I have EVER done I know it made me stronger. It made me appreciate my dogs and my daughters strength along with mine. I never expected that I would be able to do the things I did but now it gave me some peace of mind knowing that if HEAVEN FORBID something happened to one of my girls again or my Husband I know I would be able to get it done and help them as much as I can. Now don't get me wrong. I freaked out BIG TIME! But not until I realized she was ok. And that is when it hit me how severe this really was.
And I have some GREAT friends that prayed for Rylee along with all of our family and workers at Our Lady of the Lake. Everything happens for a reason and I know my baby girls are truly wonderful :) ALL THREE! Even Ms Abigail and her cute smiles when I kept flipping out in the car. Every time I cried I would hear her giggle and it calmed me so very much!

this is Rylee about an hour before we got to go home. My mom got her phone out and took a picture of it! She was sooo cute and having so Much fun :) All the nurses and everyone kept bringing her colors and blocks and puzzles. It made her feel soo much better! Here she is showing off her "bracelet" like mommy and her IV! Oh and I totally forgot to mention her IV. when they came in to give her that we had her held down and she freaked out. She was scared of being held down. She wanted to see! So I let her up and she watched the WHOLE thing and never even cried. She even saw all her blood coming out and it never phased her. She had such strength!!! And was soo proud of her IV pole or as she called it "her friend"! She loved pushing it around! LOL

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Snow Day 2/12/10!!

Yep thats right! ANOTHER snow day here! I still cant believe it! We woke up on Friday morning to a white ground and roof :) It was amazing and for this southern girl I actually get used to that Well only if it could be about 70 during the day :) But that wont happen SO I will have to deal with it when it does happen.

Well, the Saints won the Superbowl as EVERYONE knows :) It was a HUGE deal here! I dont think I have ever been so excited about the Superbowl. Anyways, it was always a saying that if the Saints ever won the Superbowl that Hell would freeze over! I guess that it wasn't just a saying! Hell really must have frozen over because not even a week after the Superbowl it snows AGAIN in LA :) This is just not normal. From what I have read it was snowing on Friday in 49 out of the 50 states. How cool is that! Hawaii was the only state that had NO snow! Which is actually not normal because of all the high mountains there they usually have snow at least somewhere. But it honestly amazed me. I think twice in one year is just a miracle and we couldn't get enough of it! And at OUR house we got a ton :) It was a great thing to be able to come home to from the hospital! I am going to try and find the plug for the laptop and camera so I can show everyone all the snow!

Friday, February 12, 2010

I would like u to meet Jojo and Maddie :)

First Jojo our German Shepard! She is the MOST WONDERFUL dog in the whole world! I of course already knew this BUT now I know 100% she is GREAT! She saved my daughters life and for that I am so truly greatful for her. I am not going to get into details of what happened because I honestly can't just yet! BUT Hopefully soon I can :) Just know that my German Shepard is wonderful! and it amazes me how dogs KNOW something is not right. I just love her soooooo much its not even funny! And now as I type this she is laying on my lap with her head and hand on Rylee. She doesnt let Rylee get to far from her now :) Gosh I love her!
And Secondly Maddie my 4 year old :)She is wonderful too :) She let me know not by words but her actions that something was going on. Although she couldnt tell me exactly what it was because of the look on her face that I knew something was wrong!

God worked through both of them and everything worked out! Thank you SOO MUCH!
I love u Jojo and Maddie! You both are definatly my heros :) :) I love u both soooo very much!!

An update on Rylee--She is doing GREAT! Back to her totally normal self getting into trouble with her sister and all! Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts! I know they worked :) I wil update later with the story! When I can get the chance! But for now I am just thanking God and my two angels here!!

I had to edit this post and make sure that Buster was now mentioned! LOL Buster stayed with Madison the whole time and calmed her and looked out for her while Jojo and I were with Rylee. He helped Madison and stayed by her side the whole time.
Everyone had a part in the whole situation and I love each and every one of u so very much :)
This picture makes me laugh! He found a hole in our yard and stayed in it. He is probably about 10 times bigger than that now but its still cute :) He is the same size if not bigger than Jojo is! I think this was in November when it was taken!

Monday, February 8, 2010

Is it REALLY that bad :X

I am NOT one to freak out when it comes to blood or anything gruesome like that! I actually laughed when my daughter got her tooth knocked out when she was ONE :) For some reason I am still not sure why but when people, including myself, get hurt I find humor in it! NO I AM NOT A CRAZY PERSON or anything but I guess that is just my way of dealing with it. Instead of flipping out I laugh. Or gain control of the situation. Depending if I am needed to deal with it or if it cant be handled by me! ANY WHO!
The girls and I went over to my nieces Birthday party at my sisters house. It was GREAT! VERY cold but it was a lot of fun. My sister got it to SNOW at her party! The kiddos were having soo much fun! Rylee not so much! But I think its because she definitely took after her mom in the fact that she HATES the cold :) Well, everyone was leaving and it was just me, my parents, and my aunt still there. Of course my sister and her fiance' too! I was helping pick up outside because EVERYTHING was flying everywhere. I picked up everything and was about to get the trash out the garbage can and put it in the big garbage can :) WELL I did not realize there was a HUGE piece of glass sticking out of the trash bag because she broke a picture frame earlier. I went to grab the bag and push down the garbage can and I pretty much SLIT my wrist :( I Took one look at it and PANICKED! All I cold think was that I hit my artery and I was loosing blood quick! I ran inside as quick as I could (as my dad described it I could have won an Olympic medal with how fast I ran LOL) calling for my mom who had 3 or 4 cases of Cokes. As I found her she dropped them ALL on the ground and I ran over Hannah Grace (2 1/2) flipping out. And I also yelled at my sister and Richie to leave THEIR kitchen LOL! My mom and I fell to the ground as she gripped my wrist to stop the bleeding. I was starting to calm down a bit but I could see all over my moms face that she was panicking too! So I kind of calm down and my mom takes a look to see if she thinks I should go to MD. My Aunt at this point comes in and tells me I need stitches ASAP! YEA I panicked again. Not over her saying that just because I needed STITCHES soooo close to my artery :( I flipped out. After about 1o more minutes I finally get calm again and realize that I really should go to MD to get it checked out at least. It hurt like HELL! So my mom and dad bring me to MD. Dad ended up bringing girls back home with him. i was VERY nervous. I finally got called back and was pacing in the room. and of course LAUGHING! I knew it would come :) I couldnt sit down and when they took my BP it took 3 different times to come up and finally she MADE me sit to get it. It was normal :) A little high but nothing to be alarmed! And my HR was through the roof OF COURSE! So I go into a bigger room so they can Examine my wrist to tell me what I needed to do.
A Nurse Practitioner came in to tell me I definitely needed stitches. It was 3/4 of an inch wide and a little over an inch long. Yea it was GROSS :) At this point I was laughing hysterically :) (If you havent realized by now that is my way of NOT freaking out) and talking A LOT! She gets the needle out and numbs it up. I watched it all! Wasn't too bad by the way! And I also watched her stitch it up. BTW it was SOO COOL watching my once open flesh get pulled back together :) Sorry if that was rather graphic! It was awesome! And I litterally LOVED every minute of watching them stitch me up. Probably because I didn't feel a thing. The regular doctor ended up having to come in because the NP couldn't figure out what she should do about this piece of skin just hanging out. He came in and did this AWESOME thing and made it look like it still belonged there! After it was all done I came out with 6 stitches and 2 steri strips to hold in all in place. And I was on my way! Very dramatic day :) But although it was my first real freak out over something I do have to say it was pretty neat in the end. So I had to post my very dramatic wrist injury! I was pretty excited to be able to watch them stitch my arm back together BUT I would rather not have to do that again! Although the big girls think its the COOLEST thing ever and told their teachers all about it today at school!!

Saints Superbowl Campions!!!

WOW! What a game! They played AMAZING!! I still cant believe that they won :) Final score was 31-17 SAINTS :) Of course LOL!
I do have to say the onside kick to start the 2nd half and the interception that scored the touchdown really defined this game. They were playing with all their Heart and you could tell they came to WIN! Way to go Saints! We are ohhh sooo proud!

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Super Bowl Saints vs Colts 2/7/10

Yep that is right! Saints are Superbowl Bound for the FIRST time EVER :) GEAUX SAINTS!!!! I wanted to put this in here since we are a part of the Saints history now!!!

Thursday, February 4, 2010

The Girls and Doe Doe :)

yep! that is what they call my dad! HAHA! I love it! It started with my baby cousin who is now 8 almost 9...still can not believe that. We have always called my dad Kevo (his name is Kevin) and my cousin Mason was the first one born in a while and was VERY close to my mom and dad and ME :) Well he would try to say Kevo and it came out Doe Doe! Well of course it was the funniest thing EVER and now 8 years later it has STUCK :) So now that I gave you the insight of his name here is a GREAT picture of my dad with Alexa, Madison and Rylee! It was Alexas birthday and we met her and my sister at the park and my mom and dad came too!

They were just having SOO much fun and you can tell on each of their faces :) :)
Happy Birthday Alexa!

Abigail 6 months :)

My big girl is SIX months old now!! WAHOO! I still cant believe it! She is growing sooo fast! I love it! She is also looking more and more like Rylee every day! Well except she has Madisons hair! So I have a feeling Abigail will look JUST LIKE her daddy! And it also makes me laugh all THREE of the girls look totally different! I love it! :)
She weighed in at 14lbs 14oz and is 27inches long! So that puts her in the 90th percentile for height (go figure right LOL) and 20th for her weight! She is such a big girl! I love it! We are still battling her milk issues and have pretty much decided she has a milk allergy and cant have ANYTHING to do with it. Its hard because my big girls are always trying to feed her :( They are slowly getting it though! Hopefully she grows out of it but if not we will work through that :)

Isnt she just the cutest and look JUST like Colin :) WOW! (she needs a bow now though!! LOL)

A little better with the bow :) She is just so darn cute I love it!

some pictures of the Rig!

This is the rig my hubby is on :) Have u ever been in -30 to -60 degree weather. Well I haven't but my hubby is everyday!! Up on the north Slope!! I dont think I would survive! HA He works on the Largest Land Rig in the World. Its on the North Slope in Alaska on a man made island! Can u say COLD!! If u arent sure where that is Look up a map of Alaska and go to the VERY top of the state. That is where he works! Cook huh!! Or if u have ever seen the show Ice Road Truckers? Those Trucks are going to rigs where he is!!!

The Rig in the snow!!! I am not sure if there is ever NO snow LOL

Another View of the Rig

This is a Sunrise :) SOOO Pretty!

Alaska weather :)

My husband is NOT the one to over react over ANYTHING! Well unless its when Rylee knocks her tooth out and has blood all over him and her. THEN he will freak out! LOL! Well the other day I was talking to him on the computer since well they have really NO! Well!! He tells me the weather is getting pretty bad up there. I didnt think much of it. Just that snow was flying everywhere because it was windy! Then he comes back like 5 min later and says in these words "weather bad. gotta go. phase 3" Like I know what that means. And usually I am pretty good about not googling that kind of thing. BUT I did it anyway! Oh My WORD. It scared me and all I found was phase TWO! I of course got freaked out. But all was well! LOL! of course! But I wanted to show u some pictures he took of what the weather was like! Just think Hurricanes with SNOW yea i can ONLY imagine :)

This is a Phase 2!! U think this is Pretty Bad right......

And well that is because u havent seen Phase 3 on Alaskas North Slope...oh BOY! Makes me all warm inside LOL Doesnt it do that for u!!!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

A life as an Oilfield Family :)

Take it how you want and judge what you must. But its the Oilfield and that is who we are :)

So A friend of mine wrote a blog out tonight that I have wanted to write soo many times. But haven't because its so personal to me. I am an Oilfield Wife, my kids are officially Oil Field Brats and my husband is an Oilfield Worker. It is our life and it is who we are. Its hard as hell and might not work for most but its OUR life and it works for us. My husband is one hell of a man that I love more than anything! He works his butt off so we can have the best life! So I wanted to share this blog with all of my followers on here!

A great note on the Oilfield :)