Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Girls stats :)

Abby got switched to Soy formula :) So hopefully this works and it cures her fussiness and throwing up issues and sleep issues. Oh please let it work!! If this doesnt work we will be trying one more formula (super expensive kind) then we will have to resort to medicine if nothning else works. So far so good though. I gave her first bottle of soy fomula to her at around 7pm and its currently 1 am :) And she didnt spit up ALL her food! Not even a little bit! Way to go Abby! Now lets hope I dont jinx this.
Dr told us other than her relux she is doing great and looks perfect (I already knew this of course! HA)
She weighed in at 8lb9oz. and was 21.5" long! Her head measured 14"! Still cant believe I remembered her head! I never can remember that! Abby did have to get a shot today but handled it pretty well. Cried for a total of one minute. If that! You go girl!

Madison-she is pretty much the same. Has an opinion about everything and acts sooo much like her momma it scares me. Have I mentioned lately how much she looks JUST LIKE ME when I was her age. Scares me how much we look alike and act alike sometimes. All I can say is oh poor poor Colin!!! Madison does enjoy to shop A LOT! She has gotten into the punk rocker look. Which is taking a LOT of getting used to on my part. Especially when my 4 year old tells me "Mom that SO does not go together. THIS does" My goodness what am I going to do LOL! She is getting too big TOO fast! Maddie goes to the dr for her big Boosters next week :( I thought this is what we got on her bday but unfortunately we were behind on some shots (still not quite sure how that happened) so we got makeup shots then. So I will update more on her stats next week!!

Rylee is just as funny as ever. She loves to entertain us. And is so very lovable! Yep RYLEE! HA! Granted she has her moments but for the most part she is all around a snuggler! She is also getting into the punk rocker phase but I think this is mainly because Madison likes it. She loves to follow what Madison does! Its adorable! And I cant wait to see what she will come up with on her own when she is older! It will be lots of fun! I think. Rylee has recently gotten majorly into the song "Cant touch this" I am sure you remember the MC HAMMER version well some kid remade the song and Rylee is OBSESSED with it :) It is hilarious! Especially because this was my ALL TIME favorite song when I was growing up! I even had the MC Hammer pants that I had to wear EVERY DAY! I so wish I still had them! They were fun! But everytime that song comes on I have to crank the volume up ALL THE WAY and she is dancing away in the back and singing! I need to get this on camera one of these days but for some reason as soon as rylee sees a camera she runs :)

That is about it for now. I have lots of cute pictures but keep forgetting to ask Colin where the cable is to download them. One of these days I will remember. Hopefully :)

Monday, August 24, 2009

Abby is ONE month old

I still cant figure out how to upload pictures on this laptop but as soon as I can remember to ask Colin I will definitely get those to y'all!
My littlest one turned a whole month old today. Tomorrow is her one month appointment so I will update her stats then. We find out tomorrow if she does have reflux or just a sensitivity to her formula. But something has got to give because poor thing is so not comfortable. But even with how different it is with feeding her then I am used to she is still a great baby! She is so lovable! I just want her to feel better. I still cant believe how fast time is going by. Some pictures will be added soon :)
Her new developments:
Abby can now hold her head up 75% of the time. She still gets tired and lets it down but for the most part her neck muscles are doing great!!
She also smiles! I love babies first smiles! She doesnt do it all the time but every once in a while she will smile for us and melt our hearts.
Thats pretty much all that is new...she does sleep for 4 hours in a row at night now :) Which is doing pretty good compared to her every 2 hours wanting to eat! Well that is all for now! more updates tomorrow after her appt and on the big girls :)

Monday, August 17, 2009

Who does she look like?!?!

So I have been trying to figure out who Abby looks like more. Me or Colin. OR Madison or Rylee! Well I have finally came up with an answer. She looks like Abby. Of course she has Colin and Rylees nose and me and Maddies lips but as for everything else. She is just her own Mixture of all of us :) Its kinda funny! I love it how none of my girls will look alike! Abby will have Red hair! Its a given since we already have a Brown hair-green eyed baby and a blonde hair-blued eyed baby!
I actually think Abby favors Colin more but I am sure that can change. Madison looked JUST like Colin when she was a baby now I think she is a spitting image of her momma ATTITUDE AND ALL! HA! Poor kid (well more like Poor Colin!!) Rylee I find still resembles my side of the family with her light skin and blue eyes but other than that she is a spitting image of her daddy! ATTITUDE AND ALL! Amazing how you can see your self in your kids in their actions. Its hilarious.
Here is how I desribe my girls :) Colin might agree or not...not sure!
Madison is just sassy and demanding. It always has to be her way. But she is also so sweet! She is a very loveable child! And so very motherly! She actually has very good taste in clothes and likes to pick out her clothes and show her personality in many different ways! I used to think she was going to be a girly girl but I was def. wrong on that one. She loves sports and getting dirty which is not a bad thing at all. But she also loves to get her hair done and her nails! But not all the time! Only when she is in the mood! She is also a daddys girl 100% of the time. And she lets me know it too. (wow I feel like I am describing me as a child!)

Rylee is bubbly until she clicks and once she clicks its over. She is a mean little thing! I call her my free-spirited child! Does what she wants when she wants! HA! She is a daddys girl when Colin is at work but when he is home she is a mommys girl! Yea she is different! I think she knew she would be the middle child as soon as she was born! She craves attention and dances and sings ALL the time. She is also very prissy! and When I say Prissy I mean it! She walks around with her hands on her hips and and swaying her hips. She is something I tell ya!

Now for Abby! Well obviously she is too young to really know how she will be when she is older so I wonder what she will be like. Probably a girly girl that wont go anywhere without her hair done and dressed perfectly! Which isnt bad but it will take some getting used to :) It will be intresting to see how she turns out! I cant wait!

OK! Well this was just things I was thinking of! Hope everyone has a great day!

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Aquarium of Americas in New Orleans

Last Friday we headed over to New Orleans so Colin could pick up a part for his truck he got off of Craigslist. We decided to make a day trip out of it since we dont live that close to it. And we havent been to the Aquarium together in a long time. It was a great day! The girls had sooo much fun!

me and my girls

so everytime we have been Colin takes a picture with his girls in this spot :) Glad we arent having any more kiddos!!

she had no clue the shark was there...pretty sure she was telling me something :)

I love this one :) daddy and his princesses

my goofballs :)

Saturday, August 8, 2009