Friday, February 27, 2009

Day to Day!

Life just seems to get crazier and crazier by the day! But its fun! And I def. wouldnt change it for anything!

Mardi Gras just passed and boy did we have fun! We went to TONS of parades. I LOVE Mardi Gras in Lafayette. Crazy enough I am really starting to love it out here. The culture, the festivities, the people (although I dont know hardly anyone) and by far the houses. I guess just mainly because you can get so much more house and land out here. But I am still hoping to move back closer to friends and family. We will see.

Back to Mardi Gras. We started off the season with two small parades here in Lafayette on Valentines day. It was lots of fun. And so great to see so many families there. No craziness where we were :) Then we went down to New Orleans for our anual parade with Colin's moms good friend from college. It was a blast as usual. Then we went to a parade in Youngsville! Its a small town probably about the size of Prairieville or Walker! Colins parents and sister came to our house for it. I dont think ANY of us were expectiing it to be as big as it was. WOW! I didnt think that it would ever end. We got sooo much stuff. And the girls REALLY enjoyed themselves.

Here is some pictures of the girls at the parades :)
This is Madison and Maw Maw (with Aunt Lindsay getting cut off Sorry) at the Youngsville Parade!! We got TONS of stuff from this parade...and they had soooo many floats we didnt think it would end! We had a blast!

This is Rylee at the parade we went to in Terrytown. She got a sword and was BEYOND happy! And her and her Uncle Bubba got into lots of sword fights! It was pretty funny!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Updates on all my kiddos :)

I have REALLY been slacking with my blog lately and made myself a promise that I will start to post at least once a week now. So here is the scoop on us lately :)

Madison-she is turning into such a little lady! And getting sooo big on me. She is so much more like a little kid then a baby now. She amazes me! She is LOVING school. And often tells me that I am no longer her best friend and that her teacher, Mrs. Tammy, is her best friend. She loves to learn new things. And is super excited to be a big sister AGAIN! She kisses my belly all the time and asks me if the baby is ok in there :) It melts my heat!!

Rylee-SHE STARTED SCHOOL! Yep that is right she now goes to school with Madison! She is loving it. And gets mad that she doesnt go everyday. I knew Madison would love school but I HONESTLY thought Rylee would be a little more hestitant since she has ALWAYS stayed home. But nope not my "Mommy;s girl" she went in FULL SWING! Never missed a beat. She is getitng soo big. I love how she is developing her own little personality now (much like mine so its kinda scary though) And I love how she learns from her sister. They are such great friends. But boy do they fight!! It just makes me laugh and think back to my childhood though on how me and my sister used to be. I honestly think those two will be the very best of friends!

New baby Barleycorn-Well everything is pretty much the same. I am almost 15 weeks now! TIME FLIES by the way! I went to the doctor on Wednesday and everything looked great. I got to hear the heartbeat for the FIRST time on the little doppler thing! It was pretty crazy! It did take a while for the nurse to find it and I was getting pretty nervous but then we heard it and it was sooo worth it! And SUPER fast! Heartrate was 167bpm! It was precious! A lot faster than BOTH girls heart rate EVER was! I will have another ultrasound coming up soon so I will keep you updated!

And for the rest of us we are doing great! Colin is finally done with all his classes and will be heading back out to work very soon! We have been to LOTS of parades so far and plan on attending MANY MANY more :) I will post some pictures of that tonight! The girls are now HOOKED on parades! And I thought Christmas was bad! Well stay tuned! I have a feeling some exciting news will be heading our way pretty soon!

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Award :)

Thanks Katherine :) You are pretty great yourself :)

First The Rules:
1. Admit one thing you feel awful about (involving being a mom). Once you have written it down, you are no longer allowed to feel bad. Remember you are a good mom!
2. Remind yourself that you ARE a good mom, list 7 things you love about your kids, you love doing with your kids, or that your kids love about you.
3. Send this to 5 other moms of the year that deserve a reminder that they too are the best moms that they can be. Remember to send them a note letting them know you have selected them, and also add a link to your post that directs people back to the person who nominated you

Ok, here goes:

1. I hate that both of my girls go to school 2 days a week while I stay home. Granted I get a lot done in that time but I actually feel guilty everytime I drop them off. But they love it.

2: Seven things I love about my kids:
1. They are my best friends :)
2. I love belly laughs. I tickle them all the time just to hear them laugh so hard. It just makes me feel soo good inside!
3. I love how much they love me. The way they look at me when they say I love you mommy just melts my heart!
4. I love their unique personalities. They are sooo different! But yet soo much a like.
5. I LOVE that my girls will try anything at least once whether it is eating a weird food or jumping off a HUGE slide. They will do it.
6. I LOVE hugging my girls.
7. I LOVE the looks on their faces when daddy comes home after being gone (even if its just an hour) They glow and get so excited EVERYTIME they see him.

Now, I am awarding my following friends:
A lot of my friends have already been awarded this but I am just going to put my top 5 awarded already or not!! (I will do the same Thanks Katherine)

well she doesnt have one but WOW she is just wonderful :)
Now get to blogging Ladies :)