Saturday, April 4, 2009


This year for the Easter Bunny was totally differnet than last year. Madison loved him last year and Rylee wanted NOTHING to do with him. Well this year things changed :) We didnt even mean to see the Easter Bunny since we were waiting on the girls dresses to be able to take pictures with him. Well as we were picking up the dresses from a little boutique called Allie Kats (by the way its sooo cute!) where we were getting their dresses monogramed. The Easter Bunny was in the shopping center waving at all the cars passing by! Both girls of course went nutts! So we had to of course go see him. I didnt even have my camera ready because I didnt think either would go to him. Much less smile for a picture with him! So of course neither was dressed for the occasion but we tried! Rylee went nutts over him. She was a little shy at first but she actually sat in his lap for the cutest picture!! Madison on the other hand was very shy. She was fine as long as daddy was holding her but as for her sitting by herself it wasnt happening! No problem right! Just make daddy sit with her! GENIUS! So Madison sat next to the bunny with her daddy protecting her! But she was all smiles! It was super cute! And the Easter Bunny was PRECIOUS!! He was dancing and cutting up making the girls laugh and laugh! It was precious!!!

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