Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Kids say the Darnest things---Madison!

Sorry Facebook friends BUT I had to post it here too because it was just the FUNNIEST thing EVER :)

This is a conversation I had this morning while telling my oldest daughter who is 4 (5 in July) to go get some clothes on to go to school

Me- Go get dressed for school
Maddie-(goes in closet and is digging through everything huffing and puffing)
ME--Maddie whats wrong?
MADDIE-Mom, I just have NOTHING to wear. I NEED new clothes. All the clothes I have is for babies. I need something cute. Hayden** is going to be at school today
ME-WHAT?!?! (Dying laughing at this point)
Maddie-Mom its not funny. All my clothes are ugly. I want NEW ones
ME-Little girl u better hurry up and get some clothes on
Maddie-Mom, I am FOUR now almost FIVE and these clothes are just NOT cute anymore
ME-(Grabbing some clothes for her to put on) Put these on and get in the car
Maddie-FINE but i dont like them
Me-U dont have to like them. I do :)

**Hayden is a little boy at school that is in love with Madison and Madison with him! SO DARN CUTE! although Daddy doesnt see it that way! She once told me that she was going to Marry him so she could kiss him! I said Good Job...as long as ur married u can kiss :) :)

I seriously could NOT stop laughing at this. She is FOUR years old and worried about what she is wearing because a boy she likes is at school! OH MY WORD! I am just in shock! LOL! I guess I can add this to the Kids say the darnest things :)

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Michelle said...

Uh oh!!!! LOL! :)