Saturday, May 1, 2010

Abigail 9months!

DRUMROLL PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!! Abby can now have MILK :) Yep thats right! No more soy and making special food for her! Her little body just needed some extra time to get used to it! thank GOODNESS! I am so very excited about this! The doctor told us to slow her into it and we started about a month ago giving her some things that had milk cooked into it and then gradually went to more and more. and started more diary and then PLAIN WHOLE MILK! By the way! SHE LOVES IT! Amazing how just 2 1/2 years ago when Rylee was a baby you werent supposed to give kids Cow milk until their first birthday! Now its 9months! WAHOO! Anyways I had to add that first off because I am just BEYOND excited about it! :)
Now her stats!
Height--27 3/4" this puts her about in the 30-40th percentile
Weight-17lbs 14oz. this is about the 10-20th percentile
She is all over the place! Crawling, cruising, scooting. You name it! EXCEPT walking! LOL! Soon enough though!! She is getting soooo big!


Michelle said...

Oh is she just on whole milk all of the time now??

My pedi still does 12 months. But my sister's pedi said 9 months was okay too!

Guess it's just another one of those things!

Glad she's good with it now...I'm sure that's a HUGE relief!

Heather said...

it is a HUGE relief!! It was awesome!! And yea my dr said 9mon which I was floored by because just 2 years ago he said 12months! LOL