Saturday, May 1, 2010

Rylee Update :)

I felt bad because I dont ever update on the big girls enough!
Well, Rylee is doing GREAT! Still just as fearless as before. She loves to sing and dance and be the center of everyones attention! She is also PRISSY! Which is great I guess but WOW she is something. She has to have a purse, high heels and rings or bracelets EVERYWHERE we go! She has started Swim lessons and is doing great! Next Thursday is their last class so I will be sure to add some pictures! She is writing her name and practicing with both her sisters names and Mom and Dad! Madison had an advantage because "M" and "O" are both already in her name so she got that right away. And "d" and "a" too! LUCKY GIRL! But Rylee has proved to be super smart already! Her school year is coming to a close soon and we will have ALL summer to play and learn!

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