Friday, January 23, 2009

New Addition :)

Its official...we are pregnant AGAIN!! I am super excited! I just feel bad because I totally dont know how to calculate when the baby is concieved and its my 3rd! HA! I guess I will never know now right :) I went to the dr at the beginning of January thinking I was about 10-12 weeks. YEA! I was wrong. But a good wrong :) I was only 8 weeks! Well 8 weeks 5 days. It was great!! I got an ultrasound to find out the exact due date and its August 15th 2009! But we are more than likely going to get induced that first week of August. Havent set the exact date of induction yet though. Yes I am one of those ladies that has to have it scheduled. Before I wanted it scheduled because I was scared to death to go into labor and no one being there and also because I REFUSE to go over my due date and I didnt want just any doctor. I WANTED MINE! But now of course I am still scared to go in to labor but if its scheduled Colin will be there. He works a lot right now and I would DIE if he missed it! So we will be doing another induction :) It makes me feel better to know exactly when the baby should be here! (Hopefully) So we have our last addition getting here towards the end of the summer. We are both super excited to have our family complete. Especially me since I did want them all close together but since we got pregnant with the other two so soon we knew we had to wait a little while! HA! So now its here. And the best part is that I have tons of friends that are due right around the same time as I am! And my good friends just had their babies. So I told Colin with all these babies around that I am glad I am pregnant because I would have baby fever bad! ha! We will find out in either the end of March beginning of April as to what the sex of the baby is. THINK BLUE! Although I think the odds are against us! But whatever the sex is I dont mind! I am still not sure which I want! HA! A boy because of Colin...but a girl because we have EVERYTHING. So who knows :) We will see!

Here are my stats!
I will be 11 weeks tomorrow
And on 1/8 the baby was 2.5 cm (rylee kept saying that it looked like a peanut so now Rylee calls the baby Peanut!)
Heart Rate was 171 And everything looked great!
I will try to keep everyone posted as we head to the dcotor :)


Michelle said...

Yippee!!!! So very thrilled for you and your family!

Just Being Me said...

Congratulations!! What a blessing! Wishing you a easy and healthy pregnancy!!