Thursday, February 19, 2009

Updates on all my kiddos :)

I have REALLY been slacking with my blog lately and made myself a promise that I will start to post at least once a week now. So here is the scoop on us lately :)

Madison-she is turning into such a little lady! And getting sooo big on me. She is so much more like a little kid then a baby now. She amazes me! She is LOVING school. And often tells me that I am no longer her best friend and that her teacher, Mrs. Tammy, is her best friend. She loves to learn new things. And is super excited to be a big sister AGAIN! She kisses my belly all the time and asks me if the baby is ok in there :) It melts my heat!!

Rylee-SHE STARTED SCHOOL! Yep that is right she now goes to school with Madison! She is loving it. And gets mad that she doesnt go everyday. I knew Madison would love school but I HONESTLY thought Rylee would be a little more hestitant since she has ALWAYS stayed home. But nope not my "Mommy;s girl" she went in FULL SWING! Never missed a beat. She is getitng soo big. I love how she is developing her own little personality now (much like mine so its kinda scary though) And I love how she learns from her sister. They are such great friends. But boy do they fight!! It just makes me laugh and think back to my childhood though on how me and my sister used to be. I honestly think those two will be the very best of friends!

New baby Barleycorn-Well everything is pretty much the same. I am almost 15 weeks now! TIME FLIES by the way! I went to the doctor on Wednesday and everything looked great. I got to hear the heartbeat for the FIRST time on the little doppler thing! It was pretty crazy! It did take a while for the nurse to find it and I was getting pretty nervous but then we heard it and it was sooo worth it! And SUPER fast! Heartrate was 167bpm! It was precious! A lot faster than BOTH girls heart rate EVER was! I will have another ultrasound coming up soon so I will keep you updated!

And for the rest of us we are doing great! Colin is finally done with all his classes and will be heading back out to work very soon! We have been to LOTS of parades so far and plan on attending MANY MANY more :) I will post some pictures of that tonight! The girls are now HOOKED on parades! And I thought Christmas was bad! Well stay tuned! I have a feeling some exciting news will be heading our way pretty soon!

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