Thursday, March 12, 2009

Look at the past :)

I was just thinking and going through some old stuff from when the girls were babies. And wow they were sooo small. Its amazing to me how little they really were. Now they are so big and have opinions and cut each others hair (yea I will post that next :)) So I wanted to share some pictures of my girls from when they were babies!

Me in the hospital about to have Madison!!

Madison on her first night home :)

Me and Rylee in the hospital right after she was born

Rylee a couple weeks old :)

I also wanted to share some other pictures I saw that I thought was just too cute :)

Both girls on their First Birthdays


Amanda said...

That does not look like you with Rylee! I think it is the angle. You always said you were so huge with Madison, but you don't look that bad at all! You are adorable. I want a belly pic now though!

Lizzie Fish said...

You look SO CUTE!!! I can hardly stand it. I love teeny baby photos. =)

Michelle said...

Oh my goodness, Madison did have a TON of hair when she was born! Didn't you say Kaisley looked like Madison...I totally see it now! :) Very cute pictures, all of them, preggo, babies and 1st birthday! :)