Wednesday, December 2, 2009

New House :)

Yep thats right! We are in our new "Monster" house!! As the girls call it. We ended up painting the Master bedroom, the big girls room, Abbys room, and the girls Bathroom. I left the living, dining and Kitchen alone because that was a LOT to paint! LOL! Although we do have the paint already! HA! But all is great here! The girls LOVE the house! And so do my doggies! They love to be outside! And they espeically love the big hill! My camera is dead right now so I will have to post some updated pictures later :) We got an awesome table for the breakfast area! I LOVE IT! It fits WONDERFULLY in the area and the color is great! We ended up getting it from World Market! (My new favorite store LOL) I dont have a picture of it yet but here is the link to it! that is the link just to the table but it has a picture of it all. We have the 4 chairs and large bench! Fits our family Perfect!!! We have my sister and her family (boyfriend plus 3 kiddos!) And we all fit wonderfully at it! I am sooo excited! It was the first piece we bought for the house! I am going to get some kind of green cushions for the seats.
We do not have a bed for us or the big girls yet. Big girls will get theirs when Colin comes back in January so he can put it together. I dont want nothing to do with that! HA! Our bedrooms set will wait a little while because we want a super nice one that will last us a lifetime! LOL! Hopefully! And our Formal Dining room set will be even longer! LOL! But I dont mind at all because the I know I will get the one I REALLY want and not just have to settle for something because I think I have to have it!!
This year will be our first Christmas in a HOUSE! We got to decorate outside and its so cute! Of course we didnt get everything we wanted this year but I can get all that together after Christmas and next year we will be decked out :) We have the lights around the trim of the house and it looks great! The girls love it! We also got a BIG blow up Santa the girls are obsessed with! It looks so cute! We also put up a HUGE tree! Its 9ft and awesome! I love it! Of course our ornaments do not cover even half the tree since I had ornaments for a 6ft tree :) But the girls love it and are excited and that is all that matters right!
Well I will hopefully post pictures of the house and all soon!! Cant wait :)

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Kim said...

LOVE that TABLE! SO excited that you guys are in the monster house - YIPPY! And you're so smart taking the time to wait and get what you REALLY want - we still have target tables int he living room because that stuff is so expensive and the kids destoy them anyways! LOL! MISS YOU!