Monday, August 17, 2009

Who does she look like?!?!

So I have been trying to figure out who Abby looks like more. Me or Colin. OR Madison or Rylee! Well I have finally came up with an answer. She looks like Abby. Of course she has Colin and Rylees nose and me and Maddies lips but as for everything else. She is just her own Mixture of all of us :) Its kinda funny! I love it how none of my girls will look alike! Abby will have Red hair! Its a given since we already have a Brown hair-green eyed baby and a blonde hair-blued eyed baby!
I actually think Abby favors Colin more but I am sure that can change. Madison looked JUST like Colin when she was a baby now I think she is a spitting image of her momma ATTITUDE AND ALL! HA! Poor kid (well more like Poor Colin!!) Rylee I find still resembles my side of the family with her light skin and blue eyes but other than that she is a spitting image of her daddy! ATTITUDE AND ALL! Amazing how you can see your self in your kids in their actions. Its hilarious.
Here is how I desribe my girls :) Colin might agree or not...not sure!
Madison is just sassy and demanding. It always has to be her way. But she is also so sweet! She is a very loveable child! And so very motherly! She actually has very good taste in clothes and likes to pick out her clothes and show her personality in many different ways! I used to think she was going to be a girly girl but I was def. wrong on that one. She loves sports and getting dirty which is not a bad thing at all. But she also loves to get her hair done and her nails! But not all the time! Only when she is in the mood! She is also a daddys girl 100% of the time. And she lets me know it too. (wow I feel like I am describing me as a child!)

Rylee is bubbly until she clicks and once she clicks its over. She is a mean little thing! I call her my free-spirited child! Does what she wants when she wants! HA! She is a daddys girl when Colin is at work but when he is home she is a mommys girl! Yea she is different! I think she knew she would be the middle child as soon as she was born! She craves attention and dances and sings ALL the time. She is also very prissy! and When I say Prissy I mean it! She walks around with her hands on her hips and and swaying her hips. She is something I tell ya!

Now for Abby! Well obviously she is too young to really know how she will be when she is older so I wonder what she will be like. Probably a girly girl that wont go anywhere without her hair done and dressed perfectly! Which isnt bad but it will take some getting used to :) It will be intresting to see how she turns out! I cant wait!

OK! Well this was just things I was thinking of! Hope everyone has a great day!

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so cute! i love this post =)