Monday, August 24, 2009

Abby is ONE month old

I still cant figure out how to upload pictures on this laptop but as soon as I can remember to ask Colin I will definitely get those to y'all!
My littlest one turned a whole month old today. Tomorrow is her one month appointment so I will update her stats then. We find out tomorrow if she does have reflux or just a sensitivity to her formula. But something has got to give because poor thing is so not comfortable. But even with how different it is with feeding her then I am used to she is still a great baby! She is so lovable! I just want her to feel better. I still cant believe how fast time is going by. Some pictures will be added soon :)
Her new developments:
Abby can now hold her head up 75% of the time. She still gets tired and lets it down but for the most part her neck muscles are doing great!!
She also smiles! I love babies first smiles! She doesnt do it all the time but every once in a while she will smile for us and melt our hearts.
Thats pretty much all that is new...she does sleep for 4 hours in a row at night now :) Which is doing pretty good compared to her every 2 hours wanting to eat! Well that is all for now! more updates tomorrow after her appt and on the big girls :)

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Michelle said...

Happy One Month Abby!!! I hope you get/got some answers today!! And yeah for baby smiles!!!!