Saturday, November 8, 2008

7 intresting things about me!!

I saw that a friend did it and I thought it was really cute. So I decided to do it too!

7 intresting things about me-new or old!

1. I love being with my kids. They truly are the greatest kids ever. We have soo much fun together! I am sure every mom would say that but its true. They are seriously my best friends. I would pick hanging out with them over anything. Staying at home with them has been so wonderful!

2. I have a very odd relationship with my family! I love them more than anything but we have our moments! But I would do anything for them and they know it!

3. I have always wanted to get back in pagaents! I did them when I was younger and want to get back in them! I loved it. Getting all dressed up and being put on stage in front of hundreds of people. That was great. One day I will do the Mrs. USA pagaent...maybe!

4. Colin and I were both dating other people when we first realized that we wanted to date! And ended up ending our relationships both of 2 years and started dating each other 2 weeks later :) And we were oh so different when we first started dating!! And neither one of us thought it would last past the summer! HA! Oh and I used to steal his poptarts from him all the time!!!!!! HAHA!

5. The first time I met Colins parents I was BEYOND nervous! It was hilarious. The whole time during dinner I laughed and they just thought I was being nervous but really it was Colin's brother kcking me under the table but he wouldnt admit it! He just wanted to make fun of me!

6. I am VERY scared of flying. I actually flew for the first time ever when we went to Disney World in July! It was VERY nerve-racking! And my kids thought it was GREAT.

7. Colin and I started dating on June 28, got engaged 5 years later on June 28, and then got married a year after that on June 28! It all just seemed to work out on that day! It was great! And I got to have a fairytale weddng with my prince charming!

Now I tag everyone on my blog list!!! Enjoy~!

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