Sunday, November 2, 2008

Halloween over??

Well, Halloween came and now is gone! The girlsreally enjoyed it this year! We all went over to my sisters house in Central to trick-or-treat there! All the kids got to ride on the hay ride! how cute right. Well I would show you but of course like all the other occasions my camera is MIA! ARG! Me and that thing will go at it one day! HA! I am so mad at myself! I always forget it when I need it! HA! Oh well. I should be getting pictures soon and will post them! We all had a great time! Madison was knda over it after an hour and a half but not Rylee! She didnt want to stop! My little trooper! It was so cute! And plus she got LOADS of candy!! We have enough candy now for the next 10 years! HA!
Halloween came quick and left even quicker. Rylee I think misses it! And wants to do it every night now! She put hr costume back on this morning and kept saying trick or treat! It was precious!
But now comes the real fun! Thanksgiving and CHRISTMAS! Santa is shopping early this year! He knows just what the girls want and is ready to go!
But first before that happens Rylee TURNS TWO! AHHH! I still cant believe my baby is 2 already. We are having her party on the 16th in hopes that daddy will be home. He is going to be so upset if he misses another birthday party for the girls. He already missed Madisons 3rd party! But at least he was here on her actual birthday! Everything will work out I am sure! Will post pictures as soon as I get them!

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