Saturday, November 8, 2008

Our Crazy Life!

Life has been nonstop lately! You can definitely tell that the holiday season is just right around the corner. And Rylee's birthday is coming up!! The girls have been asking to put up the Christmas Tree also! Ever since Halloween they have been so excited. We actually went as far as to put the actual tree up with the lights but no ornaments. Its so cute. And the girls are super excited. We are trying to wait for Daddy to get home before we do the ornaments. I just hope its soon since I am not sure how long they can hold out! (or me!!) :-) We have started writing out our Christmas list for Santa and will mail them soon. It just feels so weird that it is already Christmas time, granted Thanksgiving is first I know but as soon as they put all the Christmas stuff in the store it feels like time to celebrate! Madison said that it isnt Christmas time until it snows. Poor kid! If only she realized that it didnt snow here! HEHE! However, it did snow for her first Christmas. Well it is what us Southern folks would call snow :) It was so fun! But I am sure she doesnt remember since she was only 5mths old! But it did happen. I am pretty sure that is the only time since I was born. But it was great.
Anyways....I have a couple of pictures that have NOTHING to do with this blog but they are cute! It was from when we went play at the Playplace McDonalds. They had tons of fun!

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