Wednesday, November 5, 2008

The Election!

Since I haven't changed my address yet I needed to go back to Prairieville to vote yesterday. Which is OK with me because we can see our family and friends! Although yesterday we just spent time with Family! My uncle (well actually he is my Godfather) was running for Justice of Peace in the Gonzales area. So he had a big shin-dig to watch the results! It was great. We had good food and we all got to see what the results were.

We actually were just going to come in town and vote then leave because Madison wasnt feeling too great. She was pretty grumpy and tired. She has been doing this for a while. I think this time change might be getting to her. Who knows. She had a tiny fever but nothing too bad. And she really wanted to go so I turned around and we went celebrate with them :) And much to my surprise she was fine the whole time. Although she was clingy at the end when she was ready to go to bed! But that isnt anything new!

The party was great. There was a lot of people there and we had a huge projector so everyone was able to see as the votes came in. And let me tell you that is nerve-racking. I was dying. I can only imagine how my uncle was doing! He kept pacing back and forth and only watched it every now and then! And they came in SLOW!!! Well not really but it surely felt like it! The good thing is he stayed in the lead the whole time! But we had to wait for 22 precients! So finally the time came and it was on numbe 21 and he was ahead by a little over 600 votes! So all we needed was one more....and after about 5 minutes it finally came in! 7,613-Jamie Frederic Braud, 8,517-John C. Hebert!!!! He won!! 47.2% to 52.8%!!! It was great! I was very excited! And so proud!

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