Friday, December 5, 2008

Christmas time!!

Its here!! Christmas time! And all the busy stores and crazy people on the road. I love this time of the year but WOW they have manaiacs this time of the year. I always wondered why my mom never wanted to shop after Black Friday until after New Years. Now I know why. I do the whole Black Friday thing of course because I try to get all my shopping done that day! Yea well that wasnt the case this year. We did get a lot of stuff but we didnt get everything. For some reason this year we have lots more people to buy for. It seems like our list doubled! Not sure how. The only people that I cna think of that is new is Richie's two kids, Lance and Hannah Grace. Richie is my sisters boyfriend. But they were actually not hard to buy for. Although shopping for boy toys is TOTALLY new for me. To be honest in all the times I have been to Toys R Us I dont think I have EVER stepped foot down the boy aisles. Or at Walmart or Target for that matter. Crazy! But our family has been girls for so long. HA! My poor dad has no hope of boys. Granted I do have cousins that are boys but I guess it just isnt the same. My dad has a sister and she has 3 girls. My dad has 2 daughters (me and my sis) I have 2 daughters and Leigh has one daughter. Poor man!! No wonder he was always working! HA! But anyways, I am trying to figure out how it grew so much! But I guess it doesnt matter. Its Christmas time!!! My favorite time of the year!
We are pretty sad though because Colin wont be able to be home (most likely) this year for Chrismtas. I figured that if I say he wont be here and then ends up being home it will be a wonderful treat. But not to get our hopes up of course! But I sure do wish he would be here. We will discuss what we will do a little closer to Christmas.
This year we had our tree up early of course! Once daddy got home from his last job before Thanksgiving we decided to put the tree up. I am very attached to our tree this year. It was my tree when I was growing up. I love love that tree. Its about 7 feet tall and about a million feet around :) Never did I realize how big it really was until we put it up in our small apartment! But I still love it. But of course my mom wants it back after Christmas! HA! My crazy momma! But she is trading me a 7 1/2 ft tree that already has lights! WAHOO! And it isnt as wide! Which is good! But anyways! Our tree is lovely and huge this year! The girls wanted colored lights (much to my dislike) but it actually looks great! And they love it!
So I guess here comes Christmas everyone!! Hope yall enjoy it!
I just hope Madison isnt too disappointed when she finds out it most likely wont snow for Christmas. These darn movies spreading false hope on these kids!

Sorry I was rambling!! Merry Christmas Everyone!

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