Saturday, December 13, 2008

"Mommy, it will snow on Christmas, Santa will make it!!!!"

Yep, that is what Madison keeps telling me. Its so cute but I feel so bad because in the South we dont get snow. Right?? Well, that is what we have been telling Madison. Some places it snows and some it doesnt! I never thought it would snow here. BOY WAS I WRONG! And much to my surprise it snowed here on Thursday morning (December 11th). Daddy called us around 5 in the morning to let us know that it was snowing outside. But of course I didnt believe him and didnt want to get up! But of course he sounded like a kid on Christmas and MADE me get out of bed to go look! I think he was thinking that there was some snow but most wasnt sticking to the ground. WOW! There was a TON! I was so excited! It was of course still dark outside but I didnt care! It was gorgeous! So of course I had to wake the girls up since it was supposed to stop here around 8 or so. Well, when I woke Madison up she was BEYOND thrilled. And all she kept saying was "see mommy it does snow here" GREAT! But Rylee was a little more resistant. She doesnt like to be woken up for anything. HA! Remind you of someone else! OOPSS! But finally they were both up so I start getting them dressed. Then I realized we have no clothes that will be good in the snow. So I layered them in case they got soaked! Which of course they did! When we first went outside Madison went crazy! She was so so excited! She just lit up! Rylee on the other hand well she thought the snow was great until she actually touched it and it was cold! So of course she liked the idea of snow just not the actual snow! But she did play in it a couple times but then worked her way back to me! Madison had so much fun! She kept throwing snowballs at me and Rylee. And they were big! She saw all the snow on daddys truck and was so excited! But the snow was so much harder on the other side of our apartment building. But she was very content with playing in the snow by daddys truck. We did walk over there though and there was sooo many kids playing! They built a snowman almost as tall as me! And I am 5'10"! So the girls wanted to build their own snowman! So Madison ran back to her spot and started to roll the snow together. And she did it! She made her own little snowman!! It was precious! Of course later she used it as a weapon and was throwing it at me and Rylee. But all in all the girls had a blast in their first ever snow!

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