Thursday, December 4, 2008

Potty Training!

It has been about 4 days now and Rylee is doing GREAT! Better than I expected. I of course did the cold turkey approach! I have lots of size 4 diapers if anyone needs some!!!! But I am so proud of Rylee. I figured it would take forever to teach her because she is so young and so stubborn! I think she gets it from her momma!!!! But she loves being a big girl. We did get a liner for her bed in case she has any accidents in it :) But only one so far! And boy that liner works! HA! And she hated having her bed wet! She never wakes up for anything and it woke her up! HA! . So I really dont think she will be doing that again.

Here is my approach if anyone is curious! I know lots of our friends are about to tackle this also so I wanted to share how we do it!!
As most of you know that read this, I dont do diapers even at night time (not even pullups) because it ruins it in my eyes. They get the confidence of wearing big girl/boy panties but at night they get back in the diaper or pullups. I know it works for some but for mine it doesnt! I would rather clean the mess then potty training take months! So I think just taking away diapers all together and doing panties always it is so much easier. Yes, there will be a mess but kids soon learn that they dont like it and it teaches them not to do it! Well, at least it has worked for my family :) In my experience it has only taken no longer than a week for my kids to be fully potty trained. At night and all. Of course we are on day 4 with Rylee and she only wet her bed on night 2. So I am pretty sure we might be passed that. But it is also important to do it at the right time. If you do it too early it will take longer of course. The only reason I started with Rylee now when she just turned 2 was because she loved going on the potty!! And she hated to be wet or dirty! HA! I think watching her older sister helped out a lot! Oh and another key thing is I asked them EVERY 10-15 min so they get the hang of it. On day 1 I make them sit on the potty every 10-15 min. Then on day 2 I still ask every 10-15 min but I only make them sit every other time I ask! Then hopefully they get the hang of it. We also did a Potty Poster. Everytime the girls went potty they got to put a sticker on their poster and got to color on it with glitter glue! They liked that they got to put the sticker on it where ever they wanted. I of course would date it and put the time on it! Madison enjoyed it a lot more than Rylee does though. For Rylee she wants a sucker everytime! HA! Which is fine with me. If that is what helps her then I say go for it~ HA! I hope everyone has fun tackling the potty training!! Good luck!

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KKGhoffman said...

GO Rylee!! Oh man I am not ready for this yet. But whenever Grady is ready I am doing it like this. This is how my mom taught me and it really makes the most since.