Monday, June 29, 2009

Beach with Daddy!

Spur of the moment trips are always the best! We headed up to Biloxi, MS before daddy went back to work and had soo much fun! Even when we did get kicked off the beach by the cops :) HA! The girls really love the beach and enjoyed themselves more than I thought they would. So did Jojo! She just loves to swim and chase birds so it was RIGHT up her alley!

Here is the story on how we got kicked off! We went to the part of the beach where no one was since we did have JoJo with us. No biggie. There were no signs or anything and no one too close to us so we didnt disturb them. We had JoJo on her leash anyways so if someone did walk by we could hold her so she didnt disturb anyone. Well some rude man came walking up and was picking fun at Jojo so she was barking. She doesnt really bark at people unless she sences something wrong. Well it was by no means a mean bark more of a "I really want to play" bark. But either way it would kinda keep me on my toes since its a big bark :) So as he was walking by he started like egging her on in a way. Saying stuff to her and provoking her. I was getting mad but of course JoJo just really wanted to play so she barked. FINALLY the man walked away and told Colin that dogs werent allowed on the beach (there was another dog we saw down the road by the way). So we said ok. No big deal. Well not like 10 or 15 minutes later they had two poice officers come up on 4-wheelers to where we were sitting. Just wanted to add that JoJo sat there quietly and NEVER even barked and they were on 4-wheelers! and they were super nice and just told us that they didnt allow dogs on the beach. They noticed there was no signs but they did inform us of all the rules :) So needless to say we had to pack up and leave. But of course we only drove like 10 miles down the road to another beach where we saw other dogs and NO SIGNS! We thought it was pretty funny though! At least now we know for next time. Texas beaches yes Mississippi beaches NO!

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