Thursday, June 25, 2009

Madisons Gymnastics :)

I have been meaning to get some good pictures of Madison doing her gymnastics but of course I always forget. Well I remembered to finally take SOME pictures although not very good. I will try to remember to take better ones on her next gym class. She is doing sooo good and she LOVES it! I am so glad we put her in it! And its so cute watching her do her flips and cartwheels!
Here are a couple of the pictures. Sorry they are far away but its a big gym and the parents stay in a watching room. Next time hopefully I remember to start taking them when they are right by us :) She of course is the one in the lime green unitard! HA! Of course SHE had to pick LIME GREEN! But I do have to say it goes sooo well with her dark skin :) The last two are of Madison and Rylee on the way to Gymnastics that day in the car. I think we had just pulled up or something. Rylee was being silly :)