Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Denist Visits :)

We (as in the whole family) went to the dentist last week :)! It has been forever since I have been (over 10 years) so I know I needed to go and Colin wanted to get his cleaned and checked out. I was SCARED out of my mind. Colin thought this was hilarious of course. I almost had a panic attack before I even sat down. But once I sat down it was a breeze! I was very glad I went. Of course I didn't even think that I wouldn't be able to get my x-rays since I am pregnant. DUH HEATHER! So I of course had no x-rays but the dentist did see some cavities. Which I knew. And also advised me to get my wisdom teeth pulled. Which I was VERY against until he told me that if they come all the way through and there isn't enough room for them it could make my bottom teeth crocked (ok so I cant spell too good but you get what I am saying) And I definately didnt want my teeth like that since I have always had pretty straight teeth without braces. So I will be getting those out once Abby gets here. but of course I will get my x-ray before then! Hopefully no root canals. The dr said most likely I wont since my teeth do not seem that bad! YAY! Colin is getting his wisdom teeth out finally. He wasnt sure if he would or not but decided that it was best. Poor thing :( So all in all Colin and I's appt was great.
Now for the girls :) Colin was gone of course so I had to take them by myself. I was pretty nervous since it was Madisons first time and Rylee usually throws a fit each time she has gone. NOT THIS TIME! It was wonderful! The girls went to the back by themselves. They dont let the parents back there its a kids only zone :) I think Madison and Rylee really loved that. The lady came back to tell me that they cleaned both girls teeth and BOTH laughed and giggled the whole time they were doing it. Madison didnt need x-rays but Rylee did to see how her teeth were since her fall last Feb. (she lost her bottom tooth and has to go get x-rays every 3 months although she has only gotten 3 so far OOPS) She did great with the x-ray and the dentist even told me that she sat in the chair all by herself this time. She is such a big girl! I was super proud of both of them for being such big girls. The dentist said that they both brush their teeth VERY well and he was super impressed! He said he figured I was still brushing their teeth. And I informed him that I dont brush their teeth anymore that they do better when they watch me do mine. So we do it all together! YAY! So no cavaties and their teeth are doing great. Rylees front teeth are a little darker than last time but they show no sign of dying which is good so he was pleased. So all in all each of us had great dentist appointments. Daddy and I have to get follow ups but I am actually looking forward to it and I dont think I will have a panic attack this time.


Michelle said...

Sounds great! I'm so nervous about B's first dentist appointment...but it sounds like so many little kiddos do great...I hope we're so lucky!

Amanda said...

10 years! Wow. It's not so bad to get the wisdom teeth out. Eric and I both had it done. They CAN do x-rays while you are preggo if necessary (like they suspect you need a root canal now). Good luck!