Monday, June 1, 2009

New car, Blue Bayou and some other what nots :)

Ever since Colin has gotten home we have not stopped. Between swimming, visiting family, getting ready for Abby, getting a new car and all this other stuff that has come up its been crazy around here. This week we are finally slowing down though. I think we ALL need it!
So first about my new car. As most know my little Escape hasnt been doing very great since we moved last year. I guess all the driving back and forth really did a number on it. But these past few months it got bad. And then it just died. I was sad but also knew it was time for a new one. And plus we needed an upgrade since Abby will be making her debut in about 2 months. While Colin was gone we searched online and I decided that I needed 3 rows with bucket/captain seats in the middle for easy access to the back but I also wanted a lot of room in the back :) So I was picky. Pretty much I wanted a suburban!! So when he got home we went look around and at about 2 places and ended up getting my new car! I LOVE IT! It is perfect for our family and best of all I dont have to be scared of it breaking down. LOVE IT! So I am almost 23 years old and finally have a new car!! Pretty nice! My hubby spoils me! HA!
Now for Blue Bayou! We knew even with me being pregnant that we wanted to get season passes to BB this year since the girls LOVE LOVE the water and arent scared of anything. Well, we finally went the other day. WOW! I always knew they werent scared but I never thought in a million years they would be soooo adventurous. My 2 and almost 4 year old BOTH went down the slides. BY THEMSELVES! WHAT?!?! They had a blast. Rylee even got super mad when we told her she was too little to go down the Black Snake Slide (Thats what she called it) and the straight down slide (Plunge) WHAT! I am not even a fan of the plunge. And I do seriously think if they would have let her she would have went down BOTH. They had a BLAST. Which I knew they would but now I am in trouble if I try to bring them by myself. So I guess I will have to steal the BIL or someone to come with me so they can ride the slides together! I am so glad they had a blast. And I think Colin had just as much fun as they did :)
I have had a couple doctor appointments since last time I posted. Everything is still great of course. Abby is doing great and kicking like crazy. I love it. The girls are still singing to her EVERYDAY! They love her so much already. Its sooo sweet. They are always kissing and hugging Abby. Although Rylee does still get mad when she is trying to sleep on my belly and Abby starts kicking away. but she is getting better. HA! At my last doctor appointment Abbys heartrate was 162 bpm :) She is RIGHT on track to what the girls were! I get another ultrasound soon to check everything out and hopefully get my induction date FOR SURE this time. We are throwing Aug 4th around. But its not set yet (meaning its not in the Drs little black book, its just on my MASSIVE file on a yellow sticky note). Speaking of having a massive file. Man mine is HUGE. I was almost embarressed. HA! I guess when you have 3 kids at the same dr and have been going to him since you were 13 yours would be huge too but it was a little much. Pretty funny though. The dr. said it was good to be that big as long as its pregnancy related :) So I guess its a good thing. Well, thats it for now. I have a slide show I will be posting later when Colin gets home so I can get my pictures :)

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Michelle said...

That's awesome that the girls loved BB so much! How fun!!