Thursday, January 28, 2010


Since my girls go to school everyday its been hard to get together with any of our friends. And Madison and Rylee have been BEGGING to have everyone over. So I gave in. Even though we have no furniture and the girls mattresses are on the ground :) HAHA! oh well dont think the kids cared :)
Well I invited everyone over and WOW I got one big surprise. All our friends decided to SCHEME behind my back and plan a 6 month birthday party for Abigail! I was sooo shocked. I couldnt believe it at all! I just stood there as they walked up my driveway! HA! I was totally surprised. I realized (although I did already know this before hand) that I have some GREAT friends. And I love them soo very much! Thank you ladies soo much for doing that. It was not expected at all but greatly appreciated!! And I know Abigail loved it too :) Thank yall soooo very much!ok so with this picture i had to add it. I couldnt believe how much our kids have grown! And how much Rylee and Owen look alike...WHOA! I am sure its just the eyes and hair but still! They could be twins. They are only a month apart!!!

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Michelle said...

:) :) We love you guys!