Thursday, January 14, 2010


The last few years Madison has been wanting to play soccer soo bad and it was just not working out UNTIL NOW :) Last year I was a million months pregnant and in Lafayette you have to be 5 to play soccer and she wasnt quite FOUR yet :( She was pretty upset so I told her next year when we move into our house she would be able to play. Finally its time :) We just signed her up for our local Soccer league. She is super excited. Her daddy comes home on Friday so we get to go and get her shin guards and cleats :) She is soo beyond excited and tells everyone she gets to play soccer. Trust me lots of pictures and if I can figure out how to do a video that will be posted as soon as it starts :)
Now for T-ball :) I played softball back in the day and loved it. So I really wanted the girls to at least TRY to play! Although Madison was CLEARLY more interested in Soccer but she said she wanted to try. We are going to play with some friends from our playgroup we have been knowing for THREE years now :) It will be a lot of fun. Rylee will also be playing so she is excited she finally gets to do sports this year! So check back for all of our Sports updates to come towards the end of February. Madison starts Soccer the last weekend in February and then it ends on March 22. Then T-ball will start March 28 :) We are going to be SUPER busy and we can not WAIT

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