Sunday, January 10, 2010

New Years 2010

2009 was an AWESOME year to say the least :) We got soo much accomplished and I loved every second of it. Yes not everything was wonderful and actually some things totally sucked but I have my 3 girls, a hubby, and my 2 dogs so I loved 2009 :)
Here are some EXTRA special things that happened throughout 2009 of course in no certain order:
  • Colin got a new job in Alaska with a SCHEDULE :)
  • We bought our first car as a married couple HAHA! It was only my second car my whole life!!
  • We welcomed a special little girl to the world 4 weeks early :) Abigail Dawn! Although she had to have a GRAND entrance it was all worth it and she is so very special and we all love her dearly!
  • We got a NEW puppy :) He is a Doberman/Lab mix and his name is BUSTER
  • Madison turned FOUR!
  • Rylee turned THREE!
  • We bought our first HOUSE!
  • We Moved back to Baton Rouge!!!
That is all I can think of at the moment :) I am sure there was TONS more but that is what I could come up with while 2 kids are slip and sliding on the floor in the living room! And screaming laughing!

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