Sunday, January 24, 2010

When it rains it Pours at our house :(

I am still trying to recoup from the other day but I had to share it. At the time it was SOO not funny But now that I look back on it. Yea it was hilarious!!!
It started with us bringing Colin to the airport. Granted it was an early flight but not as early as he used to fly out on. Well we say our goodbyes and head to the car. Rylee starts fussing. Like she usually does when we drop him off. I go to put her in her seat and WOW the craziness starts. She throws a massive fit. To be honest I have NO clue what it was about anymore but I think because she wanted to be held and I couldnt hold her. So she gets in the car and I take a deep breath :) we head out and head over to Academy to get her some cleats for tball! I figured this would make her happy since it was for her. She was happy while we were trying the shoes on and that was it. I told her she had to take them off before we got to the register and she LOST it. So I hurried and got the shoes and headed for home. most of you know we live in the boon docks. So that means more than 30 min to our house from Academy. YEA! She screamed the whole way home. I was hoping she would go to sleep but no such luck. Just SCREAMS! We get home and she falls OUT of the car (big all wheel drive SUV) because she is crying so bad. It was about 10 by now. She is flipping out still. Finally I get her to lay on the sofa and she falls asleep around noon. For 4 1/2 hours she was crying NONSTOP! That will wear on a momma!
So I was so happy Rylee fell asleep because I was getting pretty tired myself. I was fixing Madison something to eat and put a movie on for her to enjoy. She picked it out :) So I am sitting on one sofa and she is laying on another then all of a sudden she has a melt down. Throws herself on the ground and starts screaming. I had NO clue what was going on. Not a clue. She gets the remote and THROWS it across the room and it lands no where else but on RYLEES head. Like Seriously! Rylee just fell asleep. Thank goodness Rylee was so overly tired that it didnt phase her too bad. She cried for a second mainly because it scared her and then was back asleep.
So I put Madison in her room and let her cry it out. She was freaking out sooo bad. I just stood by the door and cried myself! I didnt know what else to do. She was kicking the wall then all of a sudden I heard her throw up. Oh MY! I got her all dressed again and new sheets and blankets on her bed. If you have never tried to dress a 4 1/2 year old while they are throwing a fit you are lucky! AND DONT TRY IT :) NO FUN!!!!
I keep her in her room because I hear Abigail start crying. I head her way and WHOA what do I find. POOP everywhere. And when I say everywhere I mean it! On her, the bed, sheets, bumper, and so on. I couldnt even get it off without giving her a bath. It was YUCK! I get her all cleaned up and sheets changed and give her a bottle then put her back in her bed. Just as I lay her down (shes sleeping by the way) I hear MAdison scream again. I head in there to calm her down a little and she falls asleep. then Abigail screams again. This is not even 20 min after I put her down! I walk in there and YET AGAIN there is Poop EVERYWHERE! Just as bad as before if not WORSE! It was yucky! SO I give her another bath and so on and put her BACK down for her nap. FINALLY some peace and quiet right?!?!
OH NO!! I go sit in the chair and start watching a movie and I look out in the back yard in time to see Jojo and Buster sneak out the back fence and start running full speed. Of course I run too because I had no clue what they were doing. And then I find them. And they found a CAT! SERIOUSLY!!! Jojo is slinging the cat around like a rag doll. I yelled drop it (Thank goodness she listens to me :) :)) and of course she drops the cat and I told the lady I was going to bring them home and come right back. I LOVE LOVE LOVE my dogs. If you know me you know this :) Well I snapped I guess and I felt sooo bad for it but I was pissed. All I was thinking was this lady was going to be soo mad about this and it was going to be a HUGE vet bill. So I was dragging Jojo back home by her collar. She was walking so it wasnt hurting her of course. But she knew I meant business. So I run over to the neighbors yard and she has a towel trying to pick up the very much alive cat. Although it had a huge gash in it and blood everywhere. She told me that it wasnt Jojos fault! Jojo was actually trying to play with it and the cat clawed and hissed at Jojo. (I didnt see any of that) And she informed me that it was a stray cat she was just feeding because she felt bad for it but it had no home. And that she was not a cat person. She was bringing it to the pound today :( So she said she was going to take care of it! I felt soo bad. I dont really care for cats either but I dont dislike them. And it is NOT acceptable for my dog to attack them!! Under ANY circumstances. Well I go home after I told her that if she needed anything to let me know.
When I get home I hear Abigail screaming YET again. Can you guess what I walked in to? Yep for the THIRD time. I was DONE! I gave her yet ANOTHER bath and change all her sheets and put her in her swing as Ihear our doorbell ring. It was the lady. She informed me that the cat was dead and she took care of it and buried it by the trees in the back. I almost cried. Granted I dont think ANY doctor could have saved was pretty bad off but I really wish she would have brought it in. I am not sure how she TOOK CARE OF IT but Jojo killed a cat. I still cant believe it. But I dont think she will EVER get out of the fence again. I honestly dont think she meant to hurt the cat at all. I dont think she likes cats but I also dont think she meant to be mean. Although clearly it was.
So this is my day and it was only 3 :( Once everyone woke up from their naps and I had a good cry because it was just the only thing I could do (LOL) everything got better. We ate and sang and all! It was a blast. Although I was mentally and phyiscally DRAINED :)
So I had to share. and hope to look back at this and laugh. I am just still not there yet!


KKGhoffman said...

Oh girl that is a CRAZY day!! I am sure you are glad it is over.

Heather said...

oh yes Katherine :) :) OH YES!!! I had to write it down so I could laugh later at it :)