Thursday, October 30, 2008

Day back in Baton Rouge!

We decided to go back down to our Hometown for another Halloween party!!

We headed out that morning to meet a friend at the park since we have not seen them in about FOREVER! HA! It was soo good to see friends! Annika even gave us a big Hello when we first got there! I was impressed that at 2 she remembers us!! Shes so sweet! Then fnally I went over and saw some of the ladies from our group! It was great! Especially since we only planned on meeting one! We had a lot of fun! The kids played soo well! We just love that park because it is in the shade and has a great playset!

After that we decided to go to the movies. They have been OBSESSED with High School Musical so I figured that would have been perfect. And plus I have been dying to see it :) So we went in and of course had to get a Coke, a HUGE Popcorn (that we finished in the first 30 min of the movie), and some Sno Caps. Bcause you cant see a movie without SnoCaps! It was the cutest movie! The girls LOVED it and so did I! They were singing and dancing the whole time. I am so glad there was only one other family there!! It was precious!

Then we headed over to GiGi's house to get changed and ready for the party! Yep another Halloween Party. This was with the BIG Mom's Like Us group! We had a lot of fun! The girls got to jump, paint their pumpkin, make spider hats, and decorate their treat bags. It was so cute! And it was great seeing all the moms that I dont see as much anymore. After that both girls were just plain exhausted! Which was good because we had a long drive ahead of us :) All in all it was one CRAZY FUN day!! I will post some more pictures later!


KKGhoffman said...

It was great to see yall yesterday. I am glad to hear yall had fun at the Halloween party :)

Amanda said...

I'm glad you had fun too! Sorry we didn't make it to that party. I can't believe the girls sat through High School Musical!