Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Hanging with GiGi

Yesterday was loads of fun! I had an appointment in Denham Springs for 9 am so we had to leave SUPER early to get there on time. 6:30-6:45 AM to be exact. But getting out the door was smooth since I just left the girls in their PJs. The girls stayed with Colin's dad while I took care of my stuff!! They had so much fun. They love spending time with their Paw Paw! He is their best friend! I ended up getting done around 11:45! After I picked the girls up we headed over to GiGi's house (my mommy)! GiGi picked Alexa up early from school so she could spend time with us while we were in town! They get along soo well. GiGi ended up treating us all to Chuck E Cheese! We had so much fun! There was hardly anyone there!! All 3 girls were so good the whole time. We were there for 3hours!!! That is by far the longest we have EVER stayed there. Needless to say they were tired. But GiGi wanted to go get the girls some clothes at Old Navy so we went straight there from Chuck E. Cheese! That was an adventure. 3 small kids exhausted in a clothing store! WOW! But we survived and got some really cute clothes for the girls and ME!! We had loads of fun. Finally around 6 pm we were heading home. WELL!! As soon as we got on the interstate we were at a stand still. Not slow moving traffic we were not moving at all! It was nutts. People were putting it in reverse trying to get off the interstate. Come to find out they had about 3-5 stalled veicles (probably because they ran out of gas since they couldnt go anywhere) and 3 wrecks on the bridge. One was one the other side than what we were on. But 2 were on the side we were! It was nutts. The wreck on the other side was horrible. It had 3 18-wheelers and at least 2 cars I could see. It was most likely the worst wreck I have EVER seen. So finally after sitting in traffic for 3 1/2 hours we were finally on our way home. It took us over 4 hours just to get home. ARG! I was soo tired. But all in all it was a great day! Madison even told me on the way home that she had a really good time with GiGi today! It was super sweet!

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Amanda said...

So cute! I miss you guys!