Tuesday, October 21, 2008


Me and Colin took the girls to Hobby Lobby to find something to put on our door for Halloween/Thanksgiving. I just wanted a cute wreath for the door. We ended up finding these cute wooden things that hang on the door. All you have to do is paint them. Fun idea right!! So we got all th paint we needed and headed home. I put the girls and me in some worn out clothes since I knew we would get really messy!! HA! That was an understatement! Colin got to paint the Halloween one that was a Frankenstein that had a sign that said boo and I painted a big Turkey that said Thanksgiving. I got some paper out for the girls so they could paint on it! They had a great time. Rylee lost interest in it after a little while but Madison painted like 5 pictures! They both did an awesome job! Rylee ended up painting more of herself then the paper though. And painted her sistr too! HA! It was so precious! sorry Rylee is sideways!! Couldnt change it!!

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