Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Pumpkin Patch!

Today we went to a church pumpkin patch around here with a small playgroup. It was so cute. The girls loved it! We watched a cute movie about Pumpkins and how they were made. After that we went on the hay ride and sang halloween songs. They were confusing though! HA! After that we went to listen to some stories and get snacks and juice. We all enjoyed that! Then off to the pumpkins! They had a baby pig that they brought out and Madison just ate that up. It was precious. They also had goats that the girls enjoyed feeding! I didn't realize I was raising little farm girls though. I was so proud of them for not getting scared. They also had ducks, chickens, rabbits, and some other animals. The girls ran around looking at all the pumpkins. They even got to do a maze! It was precious. And all for $3.50! And it also included a small *munckin* pumpkin and some coloring sheets with 3 pumpkin seeds and directions on how to plant them. Now I am going to have a pumpkin patch in my backyard when we get in our big house as Madison calls it! We had lots of fun today! We are going to another pumpkin patch with all our friends on Friday so we will post more pictures from that one! But here is some from todays!

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