Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Our JoJo

Story behind our puppy!!
I was looking on Craig's list one day just being bored. And I saw this add about an 8 month old German Shepard named Jojo. It caught my attention right away because first I love love love German Shepard's and second was her name. Colin had a German Shepard when he was little named Joey. Joey saved his life when he was only 2. Colin fell into a well in New Jersey and Joey got his parents to come save him. He was down there for a few min. But if it wasn't for Joey, Colin wouldn't be here. He loved his dog!! And Joey was a GORGEOUS German Shepard. Anyways, I ended up showing it to Colin and he said we can go look at the dog. Yea he should have known then!! I just thought it was fate for us to have. Colin with his male German Shepard growing up named Joey and now with our girl the same age with a female German Shepard named Jojo! So we went meet the family trying to get rid of her. She was VERY hyper active and skinny. But I fell in love with her. And so did the girls. And of course since ALL dogs love Colin she loved Colin right away! So we got her. I at first felt bad because we do live in a small apartment and she is a pretty big dog. But since I am home a lot I figured it wouldn't be so bad. I would be able to bring her to parks and walk her as much as she needed. Plus I really wanted something to protect me and the girls while Colin was gone. I think it made him feel better knowing we had a big dog that wouldn't let anything happen to us.
Well since we got her she has gained over 20 lbs. and is sooo spoiled! She just seems sooo happy now! Its soo cute watching her sleep with the girls. I love it! She does bark a lot but that is because she is still a puppy. She is getting soo much better about it. So anyways I just wanted to post some pictures of her on here!!

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