Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Alexa's Weekend With The Barleycorns!!!

We finally got to snatch Alexa away to come spend time with us! Madison and Rylee love when she comes over. They all have a blast together! They are super close. We picked up Alexa on Friday morning and headed to a pumpkin patch with our friends in Denham Springs. The weather wasnt so great but we still had fun. We also got some great pictures. Each of the girls got to pick a big pumpkin and a smaller one. They all enjoyed picking out the pumpkins! After the pumpkin patch we went eat with our friends at Mr. Gatti's pizza! It was a lot of fun. The girls ate soo much. And all the moms got to catch up! Once the kids were done eating they all got to run around in the room that they let us sit in since there was a lot of us! HA! I think it was more to do with soo many kids. 7 in all!! After that our little family went to the Mall to let the kids blow off some more steam. They had a blast running around! Then we headed to book Rylees Birthday at Bouncing Tigers. After that we headed to Colins parents house for dinner. The girls were pooped by the time we headed home. They all fell asleep by the time we were out of Denham!
On Saturday we went went to the doggie park, and to the girls park. We also went to the Doggie store to get JoJo a new collar. Its one that goes over her mouth to teach her to walk right when we take her out. IT WORKS WONDERS! Its like walking a new dog I love it! Then we got her a bed and bunches of treats. Needless to say we spoiled JoJo on Saturday!
Sunday Colin and I had signed up to give blood at our church so we got up early and headed over to the Church. While Colin and I were giving blood the girls went and played with these High School girls. They had fun coloring and watching movies! After that we headed to lunch since we ended up taking longer then expected and missed the mass. After lunch we all headed home for my two to take naps and I wentmeet my sister to bring Alexa back. All in all we had a great busy weekend! And we were all totally exhausted from it! HA!
Here is some pictures of us at the Pupkin Patch!!

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