Friday, October 3, 2008


Tonight we went over to a friends house to hang out and eat crabs!!! The girls had a blast playing with their little boy Peyton! And he was soo great with them! Madison didnt even want to come home! HA! We had a great time!! And the crabs were ohhh so good!! We really enjoyed the time out of the house for once!! I am sa though because we didnt take any pictures. Except Jerry took some of Rylee eating her M&M cookie!! It was a mess! Of course everything those girls do is messy!!! HA!
I have been really busy lately trying to get rid of all the junk in our house. I have finally gotten rid of a lot of stuff that we really didnt need and now we have a lot more space. I am just soo ready for a house with a yard! Poor JoJo just wants to run!!
Me and Madison are finally over being sick. The stupid stomach virus going around sucks!!!!!!! Trust me if you know anyone that has it stay far away!!! I am just lucky Rylee didnt get it as bad as we did. It was really rough trying to deal with one sick kid and one well whe you are sick yourself. It was a really long couple of days. But hopefully all is well now.
Colin is still working right now! Hopefully he get to come home soon. Its hard with him gone for so long. But we are doing great still! Trying to stay busy busy! We have lots coming up so say tuned!!!

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