Monday, September 29, 2008

Sorry I haven't written more!!

It has been a pretty hectic week! I have been trying to update it at least every other day. Well with the week I have had I am surprised I am on now :)

To start with I have started couponing to save money since we will be buying a house soon. I love it! It makes shopping so much fun! And the girls love it! Its like a game for us all. And our new favorite store is CVS!!! I never even went there before until 2 weeks ago. And it is GREAT!! I have gotten soo much cheap/free stuff there. For instance today I went and I got 4 Gillette Shampoo for men (2/$9)
1 Fushion Razor ($10)
3 Dawn dish liquid ($.99 each)
2 ColgateToothbrushes (2/$5)
2 Colgate Toothpaste(2/$5)
2 Cover girl base (which I dont even use but wanted to ECB's for it! ($5.79))
2 Febreeze

I had a coupon for everything!!! And ended up spending aroung $10 for all! The only reason I spent that much is because I needed the Febreeze and that didnt earn me money! With only spendin $10 I earned over $15 ECBs for my next time! (ECB is Extra Care Bucks that prints at the bottom of your reciept for a future purchase!! I used some on the purchases on the above items today just used more than one transaction! It was great!! I was super proud!! The girls loved it! Now I feel like I am doing something to contribute to our life! And Madison and Rylee are getting great at cutting! HEHE! I always thought that it was easy and the reason I never did it was because I was too lazy and didn't feel like going through all that just to save like $.50 on something. Well little did I know what all was in it! Its actually fun! And now I am spending like 30% less on our groceries/household items!! I know it will come down more but since I just started I am doing pretty good! Well enough about that for now!!

I have tried to stay busy this week because both girls were starting to get a little ansy with daddy being gone for awile!! It has been 2 1/2 weeks and he still says it will be a while. I am thinking the end of Oct. but hopefully sooner. Although I have learned not to get my hopes up now! I just wish he had a set schedule on when he leaves and when he comes back home. I think it would be easier on the girls and ME! I feel like a single mom all over again! But life goes on. We know he misses us and we talk to him everyday!
Madison had a couple of rough nights (3 to be exact) where she would wake up SCREAMING at the top of her lungs for daddy. And she didnt want anything to do with me. I felt soo hopeless. Rylee didnt seemed phased by her screamig the first night but the second it was a nightmare. Finally I called Colin because all 3 of us were sooo exhausted and I let him talk to her. He decided he would come home for a couple hours the next day to see all of us. The girls were sooo excited. I just felt bad because, although I knew the girls needed him and wanted him to come home, he works nights and that would mean he wouldnt sleep the day he came home. But he didnt care of course. He is such a good dad. So after he came over the girls seemed ok again. FINALLY Madison was sleeping again. Of course then Rylee gets sick! It never stops of course!! She is such a good "sick" baby. All she wants to do is cuddle! I LOVE IT! Although I hate when she doesnt feel well.

Madison has been doing great in school. She loves it! She is learning to do soo much. She colors better than I do! GO MADDIE!!! Granted that isnt saying much but she is doing great!

Rylee loves her time with just mommy! We get soo much done together! She has turned into such a little helper! So sweet. She folds clothes with me, puts them in the washer and dryer by herself, unloads and loads the dishwasher and she even vacuums!! We have this vaccuum cleaner from our old apartment that is a rechargable one. VERY LIGHT! We had it because of the stairs. Well that is now hers! She vacuums her whole room and the hall way! And is pretty good at it! She is such a big girl! She reminds me sooo much of me though with her little sarcasm and temper! HA! Its cute. Sometimes I cant help but laugh!

We have slightly started looking for houses! GREAT right?? NOOOO!! I realized that with how much we pay in rent each month we can get a pretty nice house! Yea why didnt we? Oh yea because we didnt know the area. Well I found an area that I love and the schools are great! But the only thing is that Colin does not want to live in a Subdivison. Which is fine with me but geez there is a lot of Subdivisons out there!! His reasoning is because he doesnt want to live somewhere that he is going to have someone telling him what he can and cant have on his lot. Which is totally understandable! But its pretty hard. And I am pretty picky! HA! I dont want a new looking house I like the older white homes. They just have sooo much character to me! Who knows. Hopefully we find what we want. And there is also a possibility we could move back home?? WHO KNOWS!!! Stay tuned to find out just where we move? Down in Cajun Country or back to our roots?? Who knows?? ;)

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Amanda said...

Oh, I vote move back home!LOL! Whatever you do, I am sure you will find what you like. Some subdivisions are more strict than others. Eric hates covenants too, but it is so hard to find something outside of a subdivision.

*hugs* Sounds like you are having a rough time. I hope it gets better soon.