Friday, October 30, 2009

What do you think?!?!

Here are pictures of ALL three around 3 or so months! I honestly do have to say before I looked at these pictures I honestly thought it was the other way around BUT now wow! Its very obvious who Abigail looks like as of now :)




So I always said Abby had Madisons hair (for obvious reason LOL!) And looked like Rylee in the face! WELL Now not so much. Rylee had a much much rounder face and the biggest eyes EVER :) Wow! Amazes me now looking at all the pictures of Abby and Madison how much they look alike. Its crazy! YAY for me though! I get TWO that will look like me :) Colin has one! LOL!

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Amanda said...

She's kind of a mix between the two. But yes, more Madison.