Monday, October 19, 2009

Annual playgroup Halloween Party!

Over the weekend we had our BR playgroup Halloween Party! We have done it every year for 3 years now! It is a BLAST! I love watching the kids together. For the most part all of them have grown up together! Its so cute! They really do enjoy being together :) Although we dont see our friends too much since we moved to Lafayette, the girls love getting together when we do with all of them. But hopefully we will see them lots more once we move back in TWO WEEKS :)
Anyways, the party!
All the kiddos were dressed up in their Halloween costumes or Halloween outfits. They looked adorable. And the house we had it at was SOO PRETTY! the kids got to enjoy a huge bounce house and plenty of toys. The weather was Gorgeous and it was a lot of fun. The girls had sooo much fun. I of course totally forgot to take ANY pictures but I did steal one from my friend Kim of some of the kiddos :)
This was at the end of the night...the kiddos were watching Finding Nemo...From left to right its, Madison, Rylee, Owen, and Carly! Madison and Carly are a couple weeks apart and Owen and Rylee are right at a month apart!! It just amazes me how much the kiddos have grown. SO CUTE!
I am so glad I have made the friends I did when I did. These ladies are amazing :)
It was a great party! Now I cant wait to be able to host playdates at my house! It will be soo fun!

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