Monday, October 26, 2009

Finally Pig Free or are we?!?! lol

It has been a week. I do have to say yes this flu could have been a lot worse but man I am glad that its over now. It amazes me the different ways it affects each person. There were 2 other confirmed cases from our playgroup. All ranging from a slight cold to brutal hell :) Excuse the language. Yes I know it could have been MUCH worse but it was still pretty rough. Even in our family we had different varieties of it. Madison had fevers, chills, hot sweats, sore all over, and very little coughing. Rylee had a slightly lower fever but not by much, chills, soreness, achiness, coughing like CRAZY and wouldnt move. Abby had a max of 101 fever twice :) I had a super high fever, chills, soreness, cold then hot spells, sweating bad, and no coughing until AFTER the fever was gone. So although I am truly grateful we had it how we did and it wasnt worse, it was horrible while it lasted :) But now we are good to go I hope! We have been fever free and everyone has rid their cough BUT me. Mine only comes out during night or if I am running a lot. So it isnt too bad. I am just so happy its over. That was not fun.
Thanks to everyone that was sending well wishes, and praying we got over it quickly. It was not a fun 7 days!! But we all appreciate you caring :) Thanks!!!

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lindsay_2181 said...

Glad it's gone. I was so glad to see it leave my house too! We both had a mild case of it compared to some other people that have had it. Neither Eli or me ever had a super high fever, it was more just body aches and chills, and the horrible sore throat.