Friday, October 23, 2009

We are gonna kick this Piggies Butt!!

We are going in on our 4th day and whoa its been a roller coaster :) to say the least. Madison is getting better slowly. I thought this morning she had totally fought it off but she spiked another fever around 2 so we will see how she is doing tomorrow. She is starting to get her strength back up slowly but its getting there. Rylee was trying to play with her sister this morning but she didn't succeed too well. Poor baby is so ready to be better. Abby is doing surprisingly well. Only had a 100 degree fever a couple times and that is not a high fever at all for a child so we are doing good. Yesterday she was fussy but I think it had more to do with her belly hurting her and not her being sick. But of course I don't really know. I am getting there. Still very achy and fever is still there but getting better hopefully.
Me and Rylee headed to the doctor tonight while a good friend came over and kept an eye on Madison and Abby. The Dr wanted to make sure Rylee was doing OK and didn't have any infections from the flu. And she needed some more intense medicine. Her coughing has been HORRIBLE to say the least. But Dr assured me that her coughing was a good thing because she was getting rid of all the yuckiness. He gave her a steroid shot (funny story to write at the end), an inhaler and some new medicine. He did notice I had some fluid in my lungs and gave me a shot and some breathing treatments since it was getting harder for me to breathe. But now I feel a lot better and I think Rylee does too. It has been an experience. But we are back home now and hopefully on the road to recovery now. Dr said we should start feeling better tomorrow afternoon. So lets hope he is right!
Now for the funny story at the Dr office. I of course went first to get the shot so Rylee wouldn't be scared when she got hers. Well as the Dr was about to give her the shot she looks at me with her pitiful face and says "mommy why is Dr gonna shoot me in the butt" I couldn't help but laugh. So did the Dr. It was precious. We were all laughing so hard Rylee didn't even feel the shot. YAY! She was very proud of her shot though! As soon as we got home she told Madison that the Dr shot her in the butt! ha! That kid! At least I can count on my kiddos to keep me happy no matter how bad I am feeling.
It has been rough but I have a great group of friends that have helped and checked on us to make sure we are doing good. And although I would never ask them to infect their families they all offered to help! I guess I can tell who my true friends are. They are always there when I need them.
And also, you might be wondering why Colin couldn't come home since we were all super sick? Well, its because I told him to stay at work :) He wanted to and we even got in an argument about it at one point but I really didn't want him to get sick too since it went through our family so quick. And him coming home would have taken about 8 hours at the LEAST so by the time he got here we would all either be perfectly fine OR he would have gotten it too. SO he gave me some moral support from Alaska. I appreciate him wanting to come home and I probably should have made him come home but I am glad I didn't. I am glad he is not sick and hopefully now we are on our way to recovery! But he does know he will get the shot before coming home LOL! Poor guy! And plus we are closing on our house on Nov. 6 and someone had to make sure they were healthy then :)
Well, I hope everyone is doing well and feeling better.
Looks like our playgroup friends got infested with the Pigs also so if you could keep our family and our playgroup families in your thoughts it would be appreciated :)
Thanks, goodnight, and God Bless

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Michelle said...

I've been thinking about you guys and praying for your family! I sure hope y'all are on the road to recovery and the worst is over!!!!