Wednesday, October 21, 2009

We got the Oinkers :(

Well I have to have some kind of light in this dark hole at the moment. But its official Madison was the first to get diagnosed with the H1N1 flu. It is not fun at all.
We went in on Monday night because Madison kept throwing up and wouldn't stop. I thought it was just a stomach virus or something she ate at first. But a friend of ours ended up testing positive for the flu so I went ahead and wanted to get the girls tested just in case. Mine, Abby's, and Rylee's came back negative but Madison's test was positive. Dr gave her some Tami-flu and told us that is what we need to take just in case we do get it so it will make it not so bad if and when we do get it. Monday night we had to go into the ER to get fluids for Madison and ended up staying at the doctors from 730ish Monday night until 330ish Tuesday morning. She had an IV on her pumping her with fluids and a round of antibiotics because her white blood cell count was elevated. Not bad but with dealing with this flu infection is not good. So we went ahead and did the antibiotics. she was such a trooper. And so were Rylee and Abby. But it was defiantly an experience bringing all three of the girls to THREE different doctors in the middle of the night!
We finally got home and we all went to bed. Got up at around 11 and Madison was feeling a lot worse. She was complaining that she was sore and her body hurt then she would be cold, then hott. It was so sad seeing my little one like that.
Well as the day went on I could tell Rylee was starting to feel pretty bad. When we woke up this morning Rylee had a fever, chills, sweats, and so on. NOT fun! So I had two of them sick now with the darn Oinkers.
Now its 2:45 and Abby has a fever of 102 and I am at a 103. Lord please help us. Looks like we are all coming down with the darn Pig Flu...I wonder if we get to turn into piggies? Wouldnt that be pretty neat!! HA! Well, everyone stay healthy and sanitize everything. GermX and Lysol is my new best friend! Ha!


Michelle said...

Oh girl!!! I didn't realize yall were in the hospital!!!! :( You're making me nervous since B just got the positive! :( Oy! I hope your crew is feeling better soon! Ahhhh!!!!!

Heather said...

i sent u a message on FB but we had to go to the ER for fluids :) they couldnt do it at the Urgent care...dont be nervous!!! Everything will be fine. I am pretty sure we got the worst of it so far and it really is no different than the reg flu...dont be scared. Just treat it just like u would any other sickness and sanitize a little more for Kaisly!!

lindsay_2181 said...

Aww I'm so sorry Abby ended up with it too, I know you were hoping it would skip her. Hope ALL of you girls can get through this with no major problems! Feel better soon!