Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Offer on a house!

Yep! thats right! We are finally moving forward! Colin and I put an offer down on a house. Its in Watson which is just North of Denham Springs. Its so pretty! And the yard is Amazing :) And best of all its still in a subdivision like I wanted and still has over an acre and a third! Everything has gone great so far. our offer was accepted and we are just waiting to close now. Cant wait!!!!
Its a 4 br/2 ba 2197 sqft and over 1 1/3 acres. It has a huge hill in the back yard which is fun!
here are some photos of it! we close on Novemember 6th!! Yay! I guess Rylee will get a Huge present for her bday! HA!
this is the kitchen/breakfast area!!

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