Wednesday, October 7, 2009


We were looking at getting another dog for Jojo to play with once we moved into our house. So we figured that would be a good gift from Santa! We were very set on what type of dog we wanted. Large, playful, good with kids and other dogs of course, a BOY and a mut. Oh and it HAD to be a puppy. We got Jojo when she was 7 months and although I love her to death and she trains SUPER easy (its a German Shepard thing...they can be trained very easily no matter the age) she does have some tendencies that I know if we would have had her from a pup she wouldnt have. AND I dont think she would be so skinny. but She is my baby and I love her dearly even if she is hyper and sucks on a leash! HA! ANYWAYS! We were looking around and seeing mostly what the girls liked...types and such! Well we saw this one dog. He was Black with Brown around his eyes and on his paws. He was adorable. you could tell right away that he had a lot of Lab in him. He also has some retriever. So he was a Labrador Retriever. HA! (you know I thought I made that up and come to find out that is the real name for them! Oh well. The girls played with him and fell in love. As soon as I saw him I knew he was the one. Mainly because he looks just like Colins old doggie, Cookie, except Cookie was a Rottweiler mix. But they looked a lot alike. Colin also knew he was the puppy. SO instead of waiting for Santa to bring us a new dog we got a new puppy early. We wanted the girls to name them so they thought and thought about it. Coming up with some CRAZY names. Well as me and Rylee walked away to go potty and left Madison and Colin and Abby with the puppy, Rylee told me all excited....MOMMY HIS NAME IS BUSTER...YEP ITS BUSTER!!!!!! She was so excited. If you know Rylee and how she loves loves Pooh Bear you will understand. Buster is the puppy in the show My friend Tiger and Pooh. So as soon as we got back to the rest of the family we informed them of his name! They also thought it fit VERY well. He was a perfect puppy for us. The only test was JoJo. Because I WONT get rid of jojo sorry :) She is my baby! We know Jojo is very good with Dogs, we take her to the doggie park all the time so we werent nervous about that. I was just nervous because yea she plays with the dogs at the park but they dont come home with us. So we got Buster all his stuff and drove home (oh we got him in BR and had to drive an hour and a half to LAF) The drive home was great. We stopped half way to let Buster potty because I was not about to have a dog potty in my car HA! Talk about getting mad :) Then came the test. JOJO! Colin went in with the dog first. I have NEVER seen Jojo so excited. it was adorable. I think Buster passed her test.
Now those two are inseparable. Buster sleeps on TOP of Jojo and they play ALL the time. I even saw JoJo put Buster on the couch the other night. It was cute. jojo lays on her back and Buster jumps on top of her and they wrestle. I love it. I have already seen a difference in Jojo since we got Buster. Its great. Jojo does torment her so I hope she realizes Buster will be a lot bigger than she is! HA! But she takes a lot from Buster. He chews on her ears and her mouth. And jojo just sits there! He fits in well with all of us. Now just to get out of this apartment and onto our house!!!!

Oh I forgot to add...Buster LOVES LOVES Abby and Abby LOVES LOVES him...they swing together. he gets in her lap and sleeps there. She just giggles. Its cute.


lindsay_2181 said...

just wanted to say...something is seriously wrong with your baby ticker girl! it says you have 53 more days to go and then you double click that and it says you have gone 47 weeks and 4 days so far. crazy!!

Heather said...

haha..guess i can delete it...crazy thing is she is 10 weeks old now!!